Its a great stress buster and a great way to meet new friends. It is Sreenivasan and Vanisithambi first feature film, I’m sure winning the Palm D’or will be a great boost to their acting careers. The scene is terrific because it marks a moment of understanding between the two characters, briskly paints the differences between them, and riffs on the theme of language, which sets them so at odds with their surroundings. But how long have they been in France? First thing I have to correct is that the Tamils in Sri Lanka a sovereign country attempted to carve out a separate country Eelam from Sri Lanka not India. Plot spoilers follow you have been warned!!!

We were lucky to have some insider knowledge from one of our regulars, Preethi who can speak Tamil and knows the history of Sri Lanka better than most, and she was able to tell us that during colonial times, pressure to produce tea for the Empire resulted in Indian Tamils expanding from the south of India into Sri Lanka and taking a foothold, although the Sinhalese were the original settlers. Next up Here are more stories that look at the news with empathy, insight, and hope. Language is a useful shorthand for this sort of situation, since not speaking the dominant tongue immediately casts you on to the margins of society. However the argument of the Tamils in Sri Lanka was that they have been in Sri Lanka for generations and now consider that their home land. It is Sreenivasan and Vanisithambi first feature film, I’m sure winning the Palm D’or will be a great boost to their acting careers. The gun death figures at GunPolicy.

This is plausible, because children pick up language quicker than adults. Tamil French English [2]. Some smashing points in the post film discussion, especially about the character’s motivations and I think it was Preethi who said that in real life, some people are traumatised by tragedy and cannot get beyond it, yet others dismiss it and look to the future, and I think this was a major theme of the movie.


This is the character-drama aspect of the film, which makes it more than just a crime-fiction. There he decides to move to France to take a fresh chance at life. The film’s title character, a Tamil Tiger child soldier, is played dheean Antonythasan Jesuthasanhimself a former child soldier.

He and Yalini watch the firelit goings-on — the gunplay and assaults — as if they were watching a movie. She had been prevented from leaving earlier by Dheepan, but the ending now would be deepan three together boarding the train. Dheepan does well as the new Janitor, and Yalini finally stops sulking long enough to do well as a maid to a bloke who was supposed to be really old but was played by an actor in his thirties for some bizarre reason.

Her wary relationship with Brahim, in some ways the most heartfelt in the movie although nothing overt happens between them, is no real consolation to her. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

Why Dheepan’s take on immigration isn’t helpful

As has happened a lot in history, an attempt to gain independence fro the Tamil region from India resulted in a bloody conflict, and it is at the end of the failed attempt inand the massacre that endinh place, that is the start point of the movie. Retrieved from ” https: Caught in the crossfire of a climactic gunfight, Sivadhasan’s latent battle-readiness resurfaces and he single-handedly destroys an entire gang with just a handgun, a machete and a screwdriver.

Another aspect of Dheepan in which Audiard is careful not to let facts or verisimilitude get in the way of a punchy story, is his depiction of violence in a fractured community.

The mendaciousness of this coda is fairly breathtaking, on the back of the 10 minutes of slaughter that preceded it. Dhwepan I’ll leave it at that for now. It would be hard enough being a political refugee in a foreign country without being caught up in a murderous turf war, but Audiard likes to press home his point.

Why not go the whole hog and have Dheepan retrain as a friendly postman?


Why Dheepan’s take on immigration isn’t helpful | Film | The Guardian

Meet other local Movie Fans! First thing Dehepan have to correct is that the Tamils in Sri Lanka a sovereign country attempted to carve out a separate country Eelam from Sri Lanka not India.

That’s the greatness in this film – there are so many aspects to it. Leeds Active 3, Active People. Sivadhasan attends to his duties in spite of dheeoan chaos that surrounds him but is drawn into the fight. But the finale of Dheepan finds our hero, having apparently escaped the nightmarish slaughter on the streets of France, driving fillm black cab en route to a family dinner on the lawn in a leafy English suburb.

Photos of the Week. I believe it’s a social commentary too on how poorly the French have fared in integrating the migrants – casting them into the Paris Banlieue, with little prospects of jobs or growth and it’s consequences, while UK has deepan much better at integrating it’s migrants. R Monitor Movie Guide. You’ve read of 5 free stories. This website uses cookies to improve functionality and performance.

Show 25 25 50 All. Retrieved fil May The correspondence between past and present horrors for fil, people emerges naturally from the material, without any underlining. Director Jacques Audiard started making the film with the intent to make a variation of Sam Peckinpah’s thriller Straw Dogs. All events are free to attend except for your cinema ticket.

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Topics Dheepan Film blog. Yalini is pressured to accept a job as a nurse-maid to the father of the local drug lord.

The slight thaw in the relationship between Dheepan, who lost his entire family in Sri Lanka, and Yalini, who trusts no one, is likewise unforcedly forceful in its presentation.