Its just hard to watch. Hong-shim tells her that they only just met, but the shaman snaps that Hong-shim is the same way. She comes from a similarly-disadvantaged background, is literate and well-educated, and materially assisted him with facial recognition!!! Finding blood on the ground, he follows the trail to a chest, which he opens to see the severed head. Either you pay for all the subscriptions or use illegal sites. She heads inside to pack, but Yul childishly refuses to leave anything behind, so Dad offers to carry his clothes for him. He should have left Yul in peace. Thank you once again for the recap

Kim existence, despite him not being physically there. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. She apologizes again for yelling at him about the archery contest, and he asks for her help shopping. When Moo-yeon finally wakes, Hyuk tells him that he had to move him, because their third, Beom, is dead. The king’s royal concubines were forbidden from becoming queen by King Sukjong 19th king of Joseon to so let’s just say that this story took place after. It gives me hope because it feels more like a set up for his future administration. I really am so thankful for the recap and comments, I would be moping about our couple being separated if I didn’t read what people thought could happen next. Gyeom got conned by a Bong Soon of buying a book which has ladies drawings.

Once you taste it, there is no going back. He simply says that he wants to live as Won-deuk and stay with her.

I can imagine eunuch Yang returning to his position. So-hye is also a human being with human desires to be loved and protected. Until recently, he has lived a much less stressful life aside from the fish-out-of-water incidents since losing his memory and being rescued by Hong-shim’s kind and compassionate dad. To me, I lost the interest for BOF after the 6th episode The best thing about this teenage drama is probably the music in my opinion, and beautiful location shots.


Episode 6 by Helcat. It was episode 2: The magistrate, you mean Je-yoon? PakalanaPikake October 17, at 9: His Court mentioned Yul was always sick during some time periodically but the worsening heart problem in earlier episodes was mostly due to the attempt to poisoning him; Yul himself said he felt better once he stopped drinking the spiked medicine.

Meanwhile, Hong-shim asks Yul what happened when he was in Hanyang, and if he regained his memories. He has difficulty identifying people by their faces.

A letter is delivered secretly to So-hye, along with a bracelet made of red string. Je-yoon will be the new prime minister, and his friend Kwon Hyuk will help him navigate faces.

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ROI is just amazing: Oh there is no way that Kim would let Beom live. Adding more to Yul’s to do list when he ascend the throne lol. Non-deok has been loading his current memory with scads of observations that will make him reeeally “uncomfortable” once he’s back at the palace.

He is proud of Yul’s accomplishments and wants to protect him at all costs.

Iljimae episode 2 recap – hkoreandramaisland

This brings her to tears, and Gu starts to repeat his promise to bring them together. A good show that I hate to see it end. Thanks for all your hard work javabeans. Maybe he was able to fend them off.

When I heard “premium goods,” it sounded to me as if they were running a smuggling racket that dealt in import-export of epusode merchandise aka stolen royal tribute with Ming. Gyeom jumped down the cliff while the dramxfever got grabbed by the Yong Jae. I really don’t get Je-yoon’s character. I still suspect that WD already knew who he was, since he was having flashbacks of the palace, but was just refusing to believe it because of Hong Shim. While Keol-chi heads off to rustle up some food, Wol-hee picks up her wol-geum lute and starts to play.


I had epsode suspicion that Joseon might still have done so, but I’m iffy on the details as to when Korea finally ceased sending live human tribute to Ming.

If something happens to Gu-dol, Kkeut-nyeo, dad or official Park, I’ll be mad! For the other ones, I use Firefox with the in-built ad blocker and tracking protection, the Privacy Badger and the UBlockOrigin extensions, plus the Win10 Defender and a program called UnHackMe against trojans and rootkits.

The only rule is to Be Nice! We are not given many clues as to what the issue can be, but there is a scene in Ep 10 with Minister Kim and another Minister where they discuss how they did not get “the premium goods” because the rain ritual was cancelled when the rain finally came. I think we will have maybe one more episode of amnesiac Yul before he gets his full memory back.

Iljimae episode 2 recap

She crashes down the rocky hill to crumple in a heap at the bottom, by the frozen lake. All I can say is, well played, Minister Kim, you sly fox! The people in Songjoo, Hongshim and friends, are all so happy even with lljimae. Plus he trusts her, even with dangerous missions — episoe she courageously accepts.

Please put LY’s smarts to good use! I think Dailymotion is OK. Kim to find him first.