Hopefully, it is still there. I only hope that we can find solutions to the real world scenarios like how the main character brought hope and victory to a small impoverished community. But there are struggles that came into her way, like corrupt school administrators, parents who force their children to help them in the fields, and political conflicts that triggers fathers and sons to join guerilla forces fighting in the mountains. Retrieved from ” https: It is the only Filipino film to be released by Warner Bros. Furthermore, the movie is a total-packaged type, it has drama, comedy, and inspiring scenes which will not make the viewers not to finish watching it. Pantalan as a corrupt and irritating teacher who also has a soft side; Adlawan Fe as a teacher who lacks in ability to learn and teach; Alajar Chayong as a loving mother who only wants the best for her daughter Pilar; Austria Luz as a supportive parent and a mother who only wants the safety of her family; and Homecillo Popoy as an innocent and jolly child whose death caused a sorrowful feeling for the viewers. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

At the day of the competition, they performed their piece well and won. Even though it has minor deficiencies, those deficiencies did not degrade the over-all performance of the movie. These scenario takes away the future literally of the youth. They might be exercising their powers the wrong way because those who are higher than them thinks lowly of them too. Portes , Senedy Que screenplay as Senedy H. In most cases I know, the people associating with these bumbays only end up drowning in debts. Email required Address never made public. She denies the students the new and updated books during regular classes and only lets them be used as a display for when the school division superintendent checks upon them saying that it would be a problem if the kids use them regularly because they will be torn, withered and not usable at all.

You are commenting using your WordPress. When the film rolled and the first monologue finished, I knew it was far from what I thought. As days passed by, The school received a letter stating that there will be a singing contest up for the students, the teachers were hopeless and did not consider taking a shot of joining it, but Melinda was very courageous, she encouraged every student and their families to join, she did not only think about the money they will receive upon joining the contest, but she was thoughtful enough to somehow fulfil the dreams of her students.


The overall view of the movie is really not the focused of the film but the true to life story itself which a bit awful to us Filipinos for it reflects our culture and society. But her battles against apathy, corruption, and contempt are constant, further hindered by the volatile political climate in which fathers and sons are constantly recruited to join guerilla forces fighting in the mountains.

We only get one chance and this is one to take. Melinda goes about her work with daily diligence though, always having a smile, a kind work for her neatly uniformed charges. See All Details and Credits. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here View all posts by CarolTinga. This article about a film made in the Philippines is a stub. We survey over 60 experts and our Teamwork Productions Warner Bros. The Relevant Quibbler delivering your regular relevant rants and raves.

On the other hand, the movie has poor effects due to some lower class equipment that was used during that time back in It inspired me be a true citizen of my country The struggles associated in the film like poverty, lack of educational resources for the children in barrios, and political conflicts which resulted in deaths of the innocents help in the deliverance of the message of the film which is: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It’s reality on film, albeit embellished, but completely true. Before the movie started and the assistant told us the title of what we are going to watch, I instinctively thought of what could happen. Mga Munting Tinig Small Voices is not novie small movie rather a simple but heartwarming one.

The last one left, while entitled of being a teacher, cannot even teach the plural form of nouns properly.

I am going back and bringing my family and friends. It is not like the music in other films which is very pleasing in the ears and could add thrills- it is simple. To sum it up, the movie was indeed award-winning for it entails about a relatable scene in our life in which it shows how education systems are in the rural areas and how it is to be a teacher tinlg serves as a role model, an inspiration to summaryy, and how it is to be servant of change.

Hopefully, it is still there. I just loved that RomCom vibe with that amount of angst that made me pour out all of my poignant feelings from my amygdala to the real world. But there are struggles that came mknting her way, like corrupt school administrators, parents who force their children to tingi them in the fields, and political conflicts that triggers fathers and sons to join guerilla forces fighting in the mountains.


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Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources All stub articles. Philippines – Best Foreign Language Film. I found several socially relevant issues presented all throughout the film. This tiny film is heartfelt, well made and worthy of muntig.

Reaction Paper on the Movie Small Voices “Munting Tinig”

Notify me of new comments via email. As such and based on the basic plot of the film, it occasionally succumbs to the pitfalls of cinematic melodrama, sometimes deliberately prying tears from its audience which worked — dammit.

Locally, I have my eyes on Tricia Zafra not only because she’s pretty but because I can see that she’s trying her best to deliver substantial reports. Voices overcome some used story conventions to give it a very specific charm of its own.

I am going back and bringing my family and friends. The inspiring story of Melinda de Rossia young woman who comes to teach in the remote and impoverished rural town of Malawig and reaches her poverty-stricken students through music. The achievement makes it the first Filipino film ever to successfully close such a distribution deal with a big Hollywood studio.

But eventually, it is shown as a flashback as Melinda travels. After a lot of practices, there has been an encounter where guns are fired and blood was shredded, sadly, Popoy and his father were caught in that conflict, and their bodies were later discovered by Obet and his friend Adang dead first thing in the morning.

For his lead, Portes has chosen Alessandra De Rossi and he has chosen well. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.