But raj refuses that he has work in the shop and wont go. All the brothers get the shock of their lives as Pa Scindhia never shouts at Yash. As the nurse comes out, she tells pari that she has already given her the baby, while she was on the phone, while pari is shocked to hear this. She just wants a chance to redeem and uphold her responsibilities. Aarti soon finds out the truth about Ishita and also finds out that she was the one who kidnapped Aayu. Please dont make it toooo draggy then you will lose people’s interest in watching. Buaji says that just like arti, vidhi and pari came in this house, similarly a new girl would come and have own memories in the house.

Arti says that they would miss Bhopal badly, and then to cheer them up, says that Bhopal too would miss them. A password will be e-mailed to you. Pa Dubey gets little disappointed but still finds excuse for his son while Shobha knew his answer before Pa Dubey confessed. Yash finds the new girl, standing lonely, and crying. Pratik might come to the rescue?? Punar vivah episode in hindi.

Trust him he will bring back your Ansh.

Use Indian English from May All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English Use dmy dates from May Pages using infobox television with editor parameter Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references All articles with vague or ambiguous vkvah Vague or ambiguous time from October Please dont make it toooo draggy then you will lose people’s interest in watching.

In the hotel room Ishita turns back and de. Punar Vivah 24th May The serial continued recording TRPs of 2. Inthe show dropped in TRP scoring 1. So sweet how aarthi handle that robber and venting her husband for stealing wallet.

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A password will be e-mailed to you. Scindhia because of her insolent behavior. Radha teases arti that all Mother in laws arent like her, who understand everything so wisely. In spite of getting this behavior for the 1st time in his life… Pa Scindhia just kept quite until Aarati told him he is heartless… Oh man then he exploded and thunderously tell her to shut up and asked Gayatri to tell her to stop… Buvaji is in the kitchen with Paridhi and Vidhi and states that this was the 1st time in her entire life she has seen someone insulting her brother thus.


Abhi comes and asks if they are fighting. Yash says that she should be handed to the law.

Arti says that they would miss Bhopal badly, and then to cheer them up, says that Bhopal too would miss them. Pratik might come to the rescue?? It was her fault for giving too much attention to Ansh and neglecting her duties as a Daughter in law.

Punar vivah 20th may 2013 written episode

Pratik runs to Yash telling him that nothing has been found yet. Yash is shocked as the goons begin to cut the rope keeping the baby tied. He drags Arthi and Ansh back home. Pari takes the baby from that girl, and she leaves. On May 17, He asks her not worry and shows her the picture. Very explosive episode… Aarti, Yash, Pa Scindhia, Gayaatri and Shobha… All were very strong today… Great dialogues and all did great with their expressions and dialogue delivery specially Zahidaji as Gayatri had some powerful punching dialogue delivery her pure Hindi with Urdu accents with makes it great to listen and so is Shobha.

Download and watch episodes of Punar Vivaah 24th May. Punar Vivaha — Episode — January 15. Yash refuses to this, citing his undying love for arti. Newer Post Older Post Home. Aarti feels a strange connection with the baby and finds comfort in him. Ansh then comes in and apalogises to G3 in a very sweet way.

She asks who is the man in the photo. To be able to spend some more time, yash asks arti to arrange his stuff again, but arti teases him saying that he too needs a eposode.


He was unmovable in wtitten decision. Aarti was staring in space and had no interest in anything and she did not even pay attention to what Dubeys were talking… Precap… Pa Scindhia tells Shobha that if Aarti wants to stay in this house she has to leave Ansh episodd she also cannot stay in the house….

He says that he isnt anxious to touch her, and that the decoration was done by the manager, and he had no reason to ask him not to. Is it a relationship they can save or otherwise. But raj refuses that he has work in the shop and wont go. She agrees and does so, while all watch in glee. Hospital in Mumbai Yash finds ishita, carrying ayu, and taking him away in her car.

Sohan ji is disturbed to hear this. Pa Scindhia was looking in their direction. Punar Vivaah is a love.

Yash thanks him and takes the witten towards the factory. Vandan announces the arrival of Mrs. He corners her against the wall, locking her in his arms, not allowing her space to move. She gives her hand in his and walks upto the guests, along with abhi. Ishita stealthily gets in, draping a shawl. Arti says that till they were there, noone came, and tells him everything that she had overheard.

She shows the diary that arti has written for her, giving her all the instructions. He thanks and leaves.

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Pari sees this and runs after her, reprimanding her that she would forever regret this. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Arti laments that god always takes tests of couples in love.