What happens next should be seen on-screen. Learn more about cookies and control them. He deserves appreciation for the character. Where can these films be bought or even download from? Videos clips, songs and online TV A Tamil film brings together musical interludes, thrilling dance routines and strong story-lines. First half of the movie is quite interesting towards the interval while second half raises the pulse rate of the audiences with each passing frame.

In the movie, the Diana-Karuna- Virumandi trio ignite a laughing spree with their naivety. What else can you find online? Watch Vaanam Movie Online. First half of the movie is quite interesting towards the interval while second half raises the pulse rate of the audiences with each passing frame. Krishnan’s Vikadakavi is a heart warming drama which celebrates childhood friendships that last a lifetime. Background score was nice and three songs were upto the mark.

Mani Ratnam Written by: Prakash Raj and Sonia did a decent job and He gave a power-packed performance as a righteous Muslim who is troubled by the cop. This actor has been around for many years now and has built up a strong body of work. Editing was required during many situations.

Mouli with his witty-liners keeps us laughing during first half. As usual music is composed by Yuvan shankar raja.

Deiva thirumagal tamil movie online. In this process, the content got overboard and missed the mark by few feet. Sabash Sariyana Potti tamil movie online. By continuing your visit to this site, you accept the use of cookies.


Writer Shubha is the real hero of the film for writing dialogues and racy screenplay with KV Anand. While most websites do not host these safiyana directly, websites like Tamilpeek. Mappillai movie online. Best iPad CaseInvestmentHairstyle pictures and images. Tamil movies have been in great demand because of their gripping action, passionate storylines and well-recognised actors from the South Indian Film Sagash.

Bharath Chakravarthy Bharath aims to become a famous rock star and he starts his journey with his friends to give a live performance.

Sabash Sariyana Potti

Music composed by Thaman. Designed by Blogger templates. Chocolate boy Siddarth showcases matured level of performance effortlessly. Cable Raja is surely going to stick in Kollywood memory and would make an impact on the minds of audiences. A L Vijay’s latest work is a love-story set in Madras, as it was in Overall, the film could have worked if there was reasoning in the narrative.

Val Stuart’s film provides a typical example of a British sex comedy, revelling in naughtiness, innuendo and a typically English ‘seaside postcard’ type of humour, focusing on a roguish male lead and his farcical exploits with a series of women.

The trio abandon their romantic pursuits and decide to support their friends’ relationship. The movie has many other actors too with all playing their part exceedingly well. Vikadakavi is a movie to enjoy with your family this summer, which will also remind you of the bygone Kollywood of the 70s and 80s.


He fakes a rich girl played by Pooja Jasmine. Diana’s absentmindedness, Karuna’s sluggishness and Sariyans crudeness puts off their partners. Now Harsha goes in search of her and embarks upon a mission to set things right.

However, the movie has minor loopholes, but it is avoidable as the movie is a perfect package of entertainment. Watch vikadakavi movie online.

Counter Feedjit Live Blog Stats. While the first half is lighter with the comedy and romance, the second half gets dramatic with the reality show concept and other sentimental dose. The information makes Satish ignore Kavitha and the gang’s bitter days begin.


His rational thought during the climax is inspiring and ends the film on positive note. So expectations are high on the movie.

SUN TV comedy time Another highlight is apt Tamil dialogues by veteran filmmaker K Bhagyaraj. Mammoth sets, huge star cast, racy script and good use of computer graphics make it a stunning show on screen. The Vikadakavis’ bond grows stronger as they come together to support the agonised Kavitha.

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