Terluin B. De Vierdimensionale Klachtenlijst (4DKL). Een vragenlijst voor het meten van distress, depressie, angst en somatisatie [The Four-Dimensional. In non-clinical (working) populations it is important to differentiate between general distress, on the one hand, and psychiatric. Een vragenlijst voor het meten van distress, depressie, angst en somatisatie. Wat meet de Vierdimensionale Klachtenlijst (4DKL) in vergelijking met enkele.

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Eur J Public Health ; 26 3: Correlations between the 4DSQ scales and other symptom questionnaires vragwnlijst distress, depression, anxiety and somatization; Pearson correlation coefficients r. A 5-factor model treating the five cross-loading Distress items as a fifth factor representing demoralisation and feelings of impotenceturned out not to improve the model fit either.

Depression We considered the standardised psychiatric diagnosis of a current major depressive disorder as the “criterion” for the 4DSQ Depression score.

Man Ther ; Afname Schriftelijk of online. However, in the case of stress and personality, the relationship is probably reversed i. Qual Life Res ; online first. Of course, longitudinal studies are needed to confirm this interpretation cragenlijst our cross-sectional data.

Four-Dimensional Symptom Questionnaire (4DSQ)

To evaluate the construct validity of the 4DSQ scales we examined the inter-correlations between the scales, the factor structure, the associations with vragenoijst symptom questionnaires, and the associations with relevant other constructs like stress factors, personality and social functioning.

The ultimate test of clinical validity requires prediction of relevant events in a longitudinal design.

Characteristic distress symptoms are worry, irritability, tension, listlessness, poor concentration, sleeping problems and demoralisation. Assuming a relatively low reliability of our “criterion” for somatization, and considering that validity can never surpass reliability, an AUC-value of 0. Please visit the APH website for all the ongoing research activities and up to date information.


The logistic regression analysis revealed that the suspicion of a psychosocial background in patients with somatic symptoms i. The Four-Dimensional Symptom Vrahenlijst 4DSQ is a Dutch self-report questionnaire designed to assess common psychological symptoms in primary care patients [ 1 ]. The Depression scale measures severe anhedonia and depressive thoughts, including suicidal ideation, symptoms that are characteristic of depressive disorders.

Strengths of the study include the amount of data analysed, and the fact that many results have been confirmed in different samples. Eur J Gen Pract De Angst-schaal vraagt naar specifieke symptomen van angststoornissen: Stemming en ontstemming Theorie en praktijk bij de diagnostiek van depressies. The aim of this paper is to investigate the 4DSQ’s validity. For information regarding the Amsterdam Public Health research institute, its research programs, procedures for submitting your research proposal, quality guidelines and matters concerning PhD students:.

Depression Anxiety Somatization Vragenljist – study Vragenlijsg 0. We have studied the distribution of common psychological symptoms in a large random sample of general practice patients and discovered that most of the variance of these symptoms could be described by just four symptom dimensions: Sensitization and subjective health complaints. Een vervolgonderzoek naar de invloed van psychosociale belasting op het welbevinden van driehonderd Nederlanders [A troublesome life, or trouble with living.

The Anxiety scale measures free floating anxiety, panic, and phobic anxiety, symptoms that are specific to the anxiety disorders. Palo Alto, Consulting Psychologists Press; Experiencing one or just a few medically unexplained symptoms e.

4DKL Vragenlijst – Datec Psychologische Tests

Study Vvragenlijst was designed to investigate the effectiveness of an antidepressant in primary care patients with minor or mild-major depression. Received May 19; Accepted Aug Logistic regression analysis with psychosocial diagnosis as dependent variable and the 4DSQ scores as independent variables; study A.


Logistic regression analysis with major depression diagnosis as dependent variable and the 4DSQ scores as independent variables; study D.

Differences in 4DSQ scores between patients with vrgenlijst psychosocial and a somatic diagnosis; study A. Los Angeles, Multivariate Software; Yet, we failed to demonstrate unequivocal criterion validity of the Anxiety scale with respect to standardised DSM-IV anxiety disorder diagnoses.

Pearlin LI, Schooler C. Considering that such diagnoses require consensus between GPs and patients on the psychosocial nature of the symptoms, it is plausible that distress plays a role in motivating patients to seek help and to discuss psychological issues with their doctor.

Improved detection of depression in primary care through severity evaluation. Open in a separate window. The relationships between the 4DSQ scales and the measures of stress, personality and social functioning except sick leave were investigated by vragenlijzt of linear regression in which the latter variables vragsnlijst regressed onto the 4DSQ scales.

Mental functioning SF and social functioning in general was mainly associated with Distress.

Hoe zien huisartsen surmenage? Depression The 4DSQ Depression scale was found to correlate with other depression scales, particularly with the BDI, which focuses on depressive cognitions [ 49 ].

The Distress score was also shown to be the most important predictor of social dysfunctioning and sick leave.