Read about ‘STMicroelectronics: AN – Application Note of STM32 microcontroller system memory boot mode’ on elementcom. AN Application note. STM32™ microcontroller system memory boot mode Related documents (available from ). ○. STM contain a standard bootloader preloaded by ST Microelectronics. available in each MCU you can refer to ST application note AN

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One of you are already familiar with STM32 feature of embedded bootloader for software download to flash. If you have OB setup, this is ok, but since you need at least one BOOT pin in hardware, this can lead to hardware problems. This tutorial will cover, how to jump to system memory from current program in STM This is a way, how to start STM32 internal bootloader for software update.

In application note for hardware start for STM32F4 AN you can find a table showing you how to setup boot pins for different configuration. Since we know system memory is available, we also know that it is somewhere in memory on specific memory location.


Application note AN describe bootloader in details and also gives you information on where is memory location for specific device [Table ]. Since now we know where our memory address is, we have to perform jump to that location and if possible, reflect system memory to 0x address so that MCU sees this at start address.

AN|デザイン/サポート|STM32, STM8ファミリはSTの32bit/8bit汎用マイクロコントローラ製品

If you wish to just from main program to system memory at anytime, some important steps needs to be performed first:. Sy test this code, set boot configuration to main flash memory default on all STM32 evaluation boards and run program and call function above when desired.

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Tutorial – Jump to system memory from software on STM32 – STM32F4 Discovery

Example code for jumping to bootloader. Set system memory address.

Set main stack pointer. Disable RCC, set it to default after reset settings.


Disable systick timer and reset it to default values. Remap system memory to address 0x in address space.

Set jump memory location for system memory. Actually call our function to jump to set location.


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Tutorial – Jump to system memory from software on STM32

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