: AngelCare AC New Model Deluxe Movement Sound Monitor with Night Light: Baby Monitors: Baby. Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor AC Please use these simple instructions to set up and use your Angelcare baby monitor system. Consumer Helpline. Buy Angelcare AC Baby Movement Monitor with Sound at Argos. Thousands of products for same day delivery £, or fast store collection.

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So far I would say it is worth the money. Turn on this feature and your Parent Unit will make a ticking sound to reassure you that the monitor is working even when your baby is sleeping silently.

Angelcare AC401 Baby Breathing Movement and Audio Monitor with Wired Sensor Pad

My baby was sound asleep 15 minutes ago and this piece of rubbish product has gone off in the middle of the night waking the entire household. We did not experience this during testing, but we acknowledge that angelcqre could be an issue. A sensor pad goes under the mattress, and the wires are routed over to the nursery unit. It’s a monitor – and doesn’t serve its purpose.

Rated 5 out of 5 by NekoKitsune from Great product! Having a parent unit means you get better alerts, have more knowledge of what is going on in baby’s bedroom, and your baby can avoid the loud nursery alarms present on some of the competition.

The Angelcare AC is a movement and sound monitor and comes with a variety of cords that parents need to arrange in a specific fashion to avoid a strangulation hazard. They should improve that by showing an off sign or something. It is very reliable and, although it has had angelcage fair share of bumps and falls, still works as new. Mattress Selection This monitor will not work with all mattress types and cannot be used with hollow core mattresses or any mattress where memory foam will have direct contact with the sensor.


With the sensitivity set between two and three we had no false alarms and no interference from external sources, so the monitor could work as it was designed to do. Cons- the cot unit doesn’t take rechargable batteries and has terrible battery life so must remain plugged in most of the time. We did have some occasions of false alarms where the unit would beep as if baby had stopped breathing, but each time it was a fluke.

Argos logo — link to home page. From the beginning it has had a “hum” on both parent units no matter what channel we are on, display of temp stopped working on one unit then the other, realised pretty early on that the movement monitor wasn’t worth using as it’s impossible to get the sensitivity right to not have false alarms but sensitive enough to trust it which was important as our second baby had a central sleep apnea for 10 months.

Audio & Breathing Movement Baby Monitor | Angelcare AC | Angelcare Baby

To turn off i use my toe which is actually a pro as it is very easy to do when hands are full with a bub. This was such a wonderful piece of nagelcare. The coverage isn’t that great if I go out the front and bubs room is at the back it beeps to let me know I’m out of coverage. But also a very handy feature for a sleep deprived mum.


In the course of my profession I have seen a few SIDS cases so was terrified that being a much smaller baby than my previous 9 pounders that my little bub may suffer from apnea. I mean can i use this monitor as a normal monitor as my baby gets older and not use the pad sensor?. Angelcare replied on Jul 25, Hi Sinead, sorry that this has happened.

The instructions were easy to follow, and I like how the sensor pad is adjustable – I also love how sensitive it is to my baby’s movement.

Buy Angelcare AC Baby Movement Monitor with Sound | Baby monitors and listening systems | Argos

We couldn’t believe it. Angelcare Official Hi L Cole, thanks for getting in touch with us. The AC 2-in-1 baby monitor watches over your baby when you can’t, detecting all of their movements and sounds, even the slightest of movements.

Angelcare also offers several user videos that can help any parent that may still have questions given that the parent unit is a little complicated. Angelare Nursery Unit is pre-programmed to sense movement and sound the moment it is connected to a power source or batteries are put in it — regardless if the Sensor Pad is plugged into the Nursery Unit or not.

Peace of mind made easy Frequency Band This system operates on the frequency band. I thought ours was broken when we first got baby home. It is not compatible with hollow core mattresses or mattresses containing memory foam that comes in contact with the sensor pad.