It could happen tomorrow An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky, destroying every electronic device, wiping out every computerized system, and. SHADOWS pretty much picks up where ASHES left off and is a bigger and broader book, with a LOT going on, new characters to meet, new mysteries to unravel. An electromagnetic pulse flashes across the sky, destroying every electronic device, wiping out every computerized system, and killing billions. Alex hiked into .

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I think the departure had already started happening at the end of Ashes, but it only got worse in the second.

Ashes (Ashes Trilogy, #1) by Ilsa J. Bick

You would think that she was going to catch a break and bam! The Changed are on the move. Towards buck end, when she reaches Rule, she finds love once again with a nervous and secretive boy, Chris, who she must leave while trying to free herself. But ever since Rule came into the picture, Alex started showing up less and biick other characters I didn’t care for were getting more attention.

This book has easily become one of my favorites. Ellie survives the zap, and Alex not only survives the zap but also regains her sense of smell, which she had lost due to her brain tumor.

The author did a wonderful job and keeping me drawn in as always. Spared for reasons unknown- are the very old and the very young with some azhes.


The old man dies right along with all their gear. Why were some spared and what was their purpose?

Ashes by Ilsa Bick – review

After hanging out for three weeks at the cabin, suddenly our orphans isn’t that convenient? Threats to human Mystery, cruelty, and psychotic ambition swirling around the town of Rule finally reach their climax in this third book of the Ashes trilogy, and the finale is anything but quick. Tom tries to save Ellie and gets shot in the leg.

Book 3, part 4 of 8. I liked the strong but fragile Alex, and I was thoroughly engrossed by the incredible suspense and visceral, shudder-inducing scenes that will be forever seared into my memory. A tentative romance begins to bloom between Alex and Tom. I loved the audio. This book was pure action right from the start. Now that I’ve finished it, I want to consume it piece by piece, perhaps marinated in a nice remoulade sauce, so I an absorb her talent for my own. She kept saying that her father taught her, but he was dead by the time she entered her teen years.

Chris makes many overtures she rejects, but she does grow fond of him.

I read the book a while ago and I want to read the second one but I don’t remember exactly how this one ended, could anyone help me? Alex and Tom are left without supplies and without weapons.


Monsters (Ashes Trilogy, #3) by Ilsa J. Bick

As Alex is escorted by Jess and her allies to the Zone, Chris suddenly gallops out of the woods. However, once again, I adore this style.

Everything is so expertly figured out that it’s hard, if not impossible, to find loopholes in the logic. Who did Alex end up with? And the ashees stories were dominating over Alex and Tom’s stories and I couldn’t care any less about Peter or Chris. His story was just coming to light in the last book, but after learning everything in MonstersI believe he might be the toughest survivor of them all, pre-EMP and after.

Bick sets up a love triangle that I can’t wait to see develop in second ils. You got a chance to see their true thoughts and personalities and learn their secrets. I’m a big supporter of the open-ended conclusion and leaving the reader to determine how things really ended, but I also really need to know if there’s more of a asehs to this character’s story ARC, especially where Alex is concerned.

Let us introduce Tom, he happens to be a explosive ordinance disposal expert. Sep 19, Annette rated it liked it.