Baba Faqir Chand, (18 November – 11 September ) was an Indian master of Surat Shabd Yoga, or consciously controlled near death experience. Manavta Mandir. Foundation of Manavta Mandir. Prior to the foundation of Manavta Mandir, his Holiness Param Dayalji Maharaj used to give Satsang at the . After meeting personally with Baba Faqir Chand, it became exceedingly apparent to myself and Professor Mark Juergensmeyer (who visited Manavta Mandir in.

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They are fully equipped with required book cases, tables and chairs with good seating arrangement for the readers, who can borrow books. Women are companion of men, but are being considered as the mere tools of sensual pleasures. Lal Singh, village Jhawan, Dr.

Baba Faqir Chand

I enquired of her, if she had any helper at her home. Now, at this age of 94 years, I live a life of peace and happiness. I devoted fqqir possible time to Sumiran, Dhyan and Bhajan i.

I ate meat for six months, drank rum on three occasions, once gambled cnand lost one rupee and a quarter and also went to a prostitute. Karam Bhog Ya Mauj, What is the secret of these manifestations?

However before introducing you to the life and teaching of his holiness, it is essential to put in black and white some remarkable events of and You mail this letter to your Guru.


Baba Faqir Chand

Let me recount some of the important incidents of my life, which may be of some benefit to you. I shall carry on the duty assigned to me by Data Dayal Ji Maharaj till the last moment of my life. Physically, I have not committed any sin except the four, which I have already mentioned in the pages of this book. Now people also started come to Baba Faqir with the same experiences.

Faqir Baba – the meditation Master

Babx His answer would be a shock to the believer: At all the places he was spreading the message of Radha Soami spiritual movement. Sat Gyan Daata At that time, I did not understand them.

At that moment Sri Ramana entered the temple. The important point to remember, though, is that such experiences are the exceptionnot the rule in mysticism. And if I do that, the love, devotion and naba blind faith of people for His Holiness Hazur Data Dayal Ji Maharaj would stand reduced in all its dimensions.

Know thyself to know God. He was loved by one and all. Ramana’s experience and others like his represents a very small, bracketed, “special” case scenario. One should use his semen only for begetting children and for the continuity of human race and not for sexual pleasures.


Kabir Parichaya Adyagyan I could see the physical objects below growing smaller and smaller until they disappeared and all around me was a limitless expanse of dazzling light. Nirvan Se Parey Bare footed chnd bare head I left for S. To provide accommodation to the stream of followers, construction of rooms was undertaken in a systematic manner.

But if you do not agree with me, then let me write a letter. These books are very popular among the Satsangis as they carry the message of Param Dayal Ji Maharaj in the true spirit.


However, despite this achievement, I was not yet satisfied, because I wanted to realize the truth on the basis of which Swami Ji Maharaj had condemned all religions. A follower of Sanatan Dharma is advised to renounce the world and become chamd Sanyasi in the last phase of his life.

Yee too, should merge one day. I claim not that whatever I have said or say is final.