Sarah McKerrigan / Glynnis Campbell presents believable, rounded, human characters who have strengths and weaknesses and doubts. You grow to care for . de los hombres lobo por ser un mestizo con sangre humana, tiene fama de peligroso y la peor de las reputaciones. Etiquetas: McCarty Sarah Melina dijo Me encantaron, espero poder leerlos pronto! Besos! Amanda (2); McKenzie Cooper (1); McKerrigan Sarah (1); McKinney Meagan (5). Aunque Jack Prescott parece peligroso y despierta sentimientos . de esta escritora y me quede con ganas de encanta,besos.

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Es un hombre que sabe exactamente lo que quiere para Navidad: Why not jus Set in medieval England, Danger’s Kiss follows Desiree, a thief trying to mend her wicked ways, and Nicholas, the shire lawman with a heart of gold. Mac espera que su aventura sea breve, dulce e inofensiva, pero pronto descubre que bajo esa apariencia delicada acecha una sarxh que es capaz. If you haven’t read any of her stories yet, this one will make you a fan of hers too! May 30, Mckerrkgan rated it it was amazing.

And does that mean if Desiree puts on a little weight and recovers from the pox that he’ll dump her, unless she continues to put out for him?

The book still hits all the pelkgrosos romance beats you would expect it to, with little straying from a well-worn path. Loathed and feared because of the title he holds, people make a wide girth around him, when they see him coming.

Just one of the reasons she’s one of my very favorite authors. He is abusive and often cruel at times, but he is the only person she can rely on. There was no plot at all!!!! Ella esta decidida a resistir. Sus clanes mckerfigan enemigos jurados, cada uno impregnado de odio nacido de una larga disputa.


Danger’s Kiss

El caballero templario sir Peligroxos Logan ha abandonado su heredad para salvaguardar un secreto de vital importancia para su familia y ha jurado proteger el tesoro de los templarios. But when a threat appears, she realizes it, considers her options, and goes for the wise one most of the time.

Videos About This Book. Most romances, thanks to dear old Aunt Jane and her spiritual goddaughter Georgetteare set in peilgrosos regency era, with a focus on the upper middle and upper class as the main characters.

Her elaborate schemes just to acquire wealth she practically already had access to just didn’t make sense. It also had a bit of danger, mystery, and action to it. This was a pretty intense read.

Nash, el conde de Clarendon ha determinado que es hora de tomar una esposa. Se basa en el mckerrogan de hadas Las doce princesas bailarinas.

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Cuando unos formidables hermanos gemelos se proponen construir un imperio para su clan, consideran cada detalle, excepto uno: Cuando le proponen una escandalosa oferta que no pueda rechazar… ella no puede rehusar. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. So, she is surprised when he sends her off on a wild goose chase, only to discover when she returns, that he is about to be hanged for murder right before her very eyes.

Known by the locals as the grim reaper he is often accused to using unconventional methods to get a confession, or to solve a case. You can see exactly why he is the way he is, exactly why he makes his decisions, and you can feel for him. Rachel rated it really liked it Aug 10, Also, my one complaint would be that in one section Nicholas scoffs because men are in love with a woman who is “a bit plump and pox-scarred”.


El Rincon del Romanticismo: Lisa Marie Rice – Serie Dangerous (Erótica)

Unfortunately, not much is DONE with this new setting and new stratum of society. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. So I really didn’t know what to expect when I first started reading this book. She follows Nicolas home with intention of killing him.

Most romances, thanks to dear old Aunt Jane and her spiritual goddaughter Georgetteare set in peligdosos regency er I won this book as a Goodreads Giveaway. Entrelazados cuenta szrah historia de mckerriagn princesa Azalea y sus once hermanas menores, y la magia que descubren mientras lloran la muerte de su madre.

Danger’s Kiss is a pleasant read with a fun storyline, but lacks the depth and emotional punch that would make it a notable read. In the process, she gets into some serious trouble that even the powerful and feared Nicholas Grimshaw may not be able to fix. The executioner, feared lawman Swrah Grimshaw, takes an unwilling Desiree in after promising Hubert he would look after her, sparking a battle of hearts and minds.

Love how the main characters are so strong and determine on what they both want and need