Int J Vitam Nutr Res. ;65(1) Hyper-beta-carotenemia unrelated to diet: a case of brain tumor. Olmedilla B(1), Granado F, Blanco I. Author information. Carotenemia is a harmless condition in which the skin turns a yellowish color from eating lots of certain foods. Unlike jaundice, the whites of the eyes remain. Carotenemia is the presence of high levels of beta carotene in the blood. Carotenemia is also sometimes called carotenodermia.

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Limiting these items may help abnormal skin coloring recede. He denied pruritis, dark urine, craotenemia stool, abdominal pain, fever, excessive alcohol intake, or diarrhea.

Carotenemia is also sometimes called carotenodermia. It has been confused with jaundice.

Carotenoderma is deliberately caused by beta-carotenoid treatment of certain photo-sensitive dermatitis diseases such as erythropoietic protoporphyriawhere beta carotene is prescribed in quantities which discolor the skin. Related Topics in Pigmentation Disorders.

Case Presentation Ayear-old white man presented for routine care.

Your child caroenemia confused or difficult to awaken. In order to further confirm the diagnosis, the following tests may be conducted:. Conclusion Carotenemia is an uncommon disorder that may be mistaken for jaundice.

Carotenemia: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

From there they are transported in the plasma into the peripheral tissues. The yellow colour is also most evident on areas where subcutaneous fat is abundant. Pathophysiology Skin deposition of carotene. Lead Poisoning or Plumbism: In fact, taking betacarotene may result in an increased risk for lung cancer crotenemia of the production of metabolites.


Self-skin examination New smartphone apps to check your skin Learn more Sponsored content. There are certain medical conditions which contribute to development of Carotenemia. Carotene is derived from plants and it is the chief precursor of Vitamin A.

Roche SP, Kobos R. The content may be masked by the presence of chlorophyll. In addition to that source of carotene, infants are usually prescribed a liquid vitamin supplement, such as Tri-Vi-Sol, which contains vitamin A. Oculocutaneous albinism Ocular albinism.

Carotenemia | Pediatrics Clerkship | The University of Chicago

The 12 Most Read Stories of With the increasing use of supplements to treat patients with AMD and other conditions, physicians should increase their awareness of this entity. As to underlying disorders in secondary carotinemia and carotenoderma, treatment depends wholly on the cause.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Carotene is converted to Vitamin A in the mucosal cells of the small intestine. Leafy green vegetables contain high levels of carotene and vitamin A, according to WHFoods.

Carotenosis – Wikipedia

Your child has vomited any blood. Expert Group on Vitamins and Minerals. In a recent meta analysis of these treatments, however, the effectiveness of the treatment has been called into question.


Beta-carotene consists of a number of isomers. Constitutional symptoms, such as weight loss, pruritus, or malaise, are absent.

You Might Also Like. Breastfed babies can also develop carotenemia if their mother eats a lot of foods that are high in carotene. Prevention of exercise-induced asthma by a natural isomer mixture of beta-carotene. Carotenaemia has also been found caroteemia vegetarians or food faddists who over-indulge in carrots and oranges.

Download Our Mobile Carootenemia. Carotenemia is rare in other conditions but has been found with hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus, anorexia nervosa, liver disease, renal disease, and familial. In rare cases, a genetic defect in carotene metabolism may also result in carotenaemiaeven when the intake of carotene is normal. The absorption is enhanced by increased fiber content of the plant and the smaller the particular size of the carptenemia.

Oxidative DNA damage in relation to nutrition. None of the other medical conditions that may be associated with carotenemia? One of the biggest differences between jaundice and Carotenemia is that in jaundice the sclera or the white part of the eyes also becomes yellow which is not bta case with Carotenemia.