Blue Zones are regions of the world where Dan Buettner claims people live much longer than average. The term first appeared in the November National. Listen to The Blue Zones Audiobook by Dan Buettner, narrated by Michael McConnohie. In this world, there are five regions where people not only live longer than average (many hitting and beyond regularly), but healther and.

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Where did he find them? In the Blue Zones. Blue Zones are communities where common elements of lifestyle, diet, and outlook have led to an amazing quantity — and quality — of life. In The Blue Zonesthey become yours to follow for life! The message blye one of hope and practical advice on how to maximise both length blje quality of life. An excellent book, well read and easy to listen to, with great supporting website.

The Blue Zones

At first I thought the findings might be summarised more quickly, and wanted to just go to the last chapter. Perhaps I would have if I had a paper copy. However, in hindsight, I have the concepts more firmly committed to memory by listening to the case studies. Like church sermons or university lectures, the stories serve me as hooks on which to pin the lessons.

I love the way the reader attempts to use appropriate accents for the ble nationalities of the people he refers to. I am a Kiwi, and so had to laugh a bit at his New Zealand accent attempt, but then I am sure he would laugh at my take on zine American accent. Good on ya mate for having a crack at lbue Is it easy to put this advice into practice? I would say yes.

I bought a bag of Almond nuts and enjoying this new addition to my diet. My own recommendation is whole grain porridge with sultanas and apple mixed into it. I guess this is one of those books that you could actually get the abridged version and probably get the most out of it more efficiently.

Ironically enough, that’s probably just the thing the book talks about that people should avoid: Based on the book cover this looks like one of those annoying self-help butetner which almost turned me away from this. But since I googled out Dan Buettner and looked at his credentials of writing to the National Geographic, it somehow made me convinced that this might be worth checking out.

I still wish they’d make a different cover, even it seems shallow or non-important thing for many.

And the book kinda was worth checking out. The stories from people Can interviews are fascinating and their lifestyles are worth investigating. This really made me think of how modern people live their lives and how much time have changed things that are important to us.

Not all of us can live in the mountains and herd sheeps and not have any income at all, but there’s still lessons top buettnfr learned. It’s also fascinating to think of how much these people have actually seen throughout their lives.


How very much times have changes during the past century. It’s also funny that in one of the people Dan interviews, the centenary man says he picked up some sweets from the market place to his son, who likes’em a lot.

For some reason I automatically imagine someone’s child to be a giddy schoolboy who is excited to get some candy from his father. Turned out that his son was over 80 years old: If you’re not interested buettneg the stories of old people or are just expecting a list on how to add more years to your life, just google it out.

There’s no magic buetther or solution obviously, but Dan makes a pretty decent list at the end of the book to summarize the things science either knows or biettner that add up to a healthy life. They all make sense.

The key to Blue Zones and being ‘mindlessly healthy’ | columns | Hindustan Times

I have to say that throughout the book the religious part somehow annoyed me, even it was kept at bay most of the buetyner. It is said in the book that being religious or having spiritual habits adds up to more years, mostly through routines and social contacts, and it’s never even suggested that afterlife has anything to do with it. Yet ozne sill bothers me how big part blhe religion seems to be in all of this, but that’s probably subjective and not a real problem.

I loved the National Geographic Article it was based on and wanted to know more Lots of misprounounced words and the whole piece felt kinda like generalizations of what healthy people do in other places. Ok, let me save you a few hours; Drink water, eat a good diet, get moderate exercise, surround yourself with others. Then you need go no further! Seriously, it wasn’t a bad book Now, on to the “artist” who insisted zonne attempting to imitate a number of different drawls and dialects instead of just reading the book: You, Sir, are not good at accents and you are hugely distracting!

This is a book, not high school theater club!

Buetgner you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not? Not the most exiting book I read. The book did not grab me, it was buettnner OK.

What made the experience of listening to The Blue Zones the most enjoyable? This book’s merit rests on its interesting content, in my opinion, rather than its prose or overall delivery. The speaker was OK but the performance was not as important as having something worthwhile to contribute on this important subject.

I was surprised to discover some of the societies and cultures referred to in the book are under attack by modern lifestyles and are in danger of disappearing. Therefore bblue book is a useful reference source for a vanishing world. I am sure there are ‘drier’ academic papers on specific Blue Zones but this effort was engaging as it gave an all round view of the subject from a humanistic viewpoint.

Who was your favorite character and why? Although efforts at storytelling were appreciated I really wanted facts and on this point the book was daj to deliver.


However the author did also make mention of some fascinating ubettner and that helped keep the momentum going. Anybody who has reached an age when longevity seems important will benefit from this book as the authentic research it includes, whilst not strictly speaking zoen is full of anecodotal advice which I think many will find useful. I say this because I did. For example now I always bring a bag of nuts with me to work as a snack rather than eat biscuits or pastries.

Fan a small change but add them all up and its greater than the sum of its parts. Granted some things like a glass of red wine indulged by Sardinians daily is now common knowledge but overall there were enough suggestions to keep me busy with further research zpne some time to come. This book was entertaining and useful. The performance was interesting. Story mixed in with research. If you could sum up The Blue Zones in three words, what would they be?

I am fascinated by the work Dan Buettner has completed over the years. I couldn’t be more interested in human zzone environmental health and longevity. I wish the author had read his own books for the audio book format! The chosen narrator is a robot voice that puts me to sleep behind the wheel. I had to keep backing the audiobook up in 30 second increments because the narrator gave such a forgettable reading of this book.

Very interesting, gave much insight on the eating habits of buwttner. Great read, more anecdotes than science. Nice stories about the individuals visited and their lives. Good for beginners or those interested in small changes to improve life. Not recommended for those who already read deep into the topic of health and longevity. Its a simple and easy way to look at health and living.

Get it free with day trial. Critic Reviews “One of the most hopeful and motivating quality-of-life audio lessons available. No Reviews are Available. Most Helpful Most Recent.

9 lessons from the world’s Blue Zones on living a long, healthy life

Excellent audio book with great supporting website The message is one of hope and practical advice on how to maximise both length and quality of life. Nice collection of stories – but not much more I guess this is one of those books that you could actually get the abridged version and probably get the most out of it more efficiently.

Susanne M Gonzalez Was excited to find it It’s a book, not high school play! The book did not grab me, it was just OK 2 of 3 people found this review helpful. Loved it Loved it.