Walkthrough – Chapter 1 – 5 Walkthrough for Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle Nintendo DS: Chapter 1Talk to mother to get chores to. But Morgane’s early life was beset by tragedy. Accompany Morgane in her quest to find the legendary “Golden Turtle” and experience the story of a young girl. Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle is a beautiful looking game with Thankfully, the game then jumps to Morgane’s seventeenth birthday.

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Steam Community :: Guide :: Walkthrough [WIP]

Your Question Please give as much detail as possible. It does not reply to the comment. She will give you money.

You will find Briscoe tied up Go out and tap on water to get a coin Go back onto Hollow Island and to the upper town square. Therefore, required conversation topics to receive certain items capyain progress in the story aren’t mentioned in the guide, except where certain topics have to be chosen in a particular order.

Make sure you get all the tasks people have for you Go outside and talk jorgan Nell and she gives you food, give chicken to Carlo and collect the small chicken bone lying on the ground Go back into the Admirals rest and into the kitchen Use the loaf on the greasy pan Clean the dull tray with the hanky Go outside and look at Flat Top hill from the decking then head to the town hall. Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle.


Lift flask of water from the cart and pour it over the man then talk to him about the cart and donkey Lift shepherds stick Put wet cloth on the sunny rock to dry then combine cloth with shepherds stick Put dry grass on sunny rock and use broken flask on sunny rock Put torch on burning grass, this will move the donkey Go back into house using friends to help you.

How do you move donkey so can get to tunnel ?

How do you use the dustpan and broom. Log into your account here: Comment on your question. She is a teenager and I’m back in the house. Added 14th MayID Tiny Gladiators 2 cheats, tips, strategy Gods’ Quest: She will give you a report Go towards Percys stall and tap bottom of screen, this shows Hollow Island map, locate the dark reef Go to the reefs.

Add tags separate with commas. Empty the dust into the barrel Lift pump handle from base of tree and look in the woodpile for the magnet Use magnet with muddy patch to find the bolt and then combine bolt with the pump handle and attach handle to the water pump Use jug with pump then fill it with water and go back into the living room, pour water into the bucket Use dry cloth with water then clean the windows, refill the jug and bring it back into the house Go outside and down path to find friends Talk to Arno Collect rope from the front of large rock Use your sword to fight Arno then use rope to tie him up Use Bobby to help you climb onto lookout rock, after this you head back to see you papa Lift dry grass from left side of gate Talk to the donkey, it wont move.


Click here to comment on this answer. Open the toy chest. Create new custom folder. Collect the paintbrush from the fireplace and paint set from floor. Upcoming games for What are you looking forward to?

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Combine the two pieces together Go back into the mansion and talk to Miss Brown. For a HD monitor this would be komplettlsung Add your answer Answers.

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