H1 Keep on the Shadowfell & Quick-Start Rules (4e) – An Introductory 4th Edition D&D Adventure for Characters of Levels 1st-3rd. The town of. The town of Winterhaven stands watch over a ruined keep that was once a bastion of good in the realm. This keep overlooks the Shadow Rift. Over in Help! I am going to teach D&D4E to 7+ people, I made a throw-away comment that I thought that H1 blows chunks.

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I even ranted about the faults of the adventure shwdowfell when 4th edition was published, it’s that bad. All monsters on a printable PDF. I suspect the town is supposed to be the PCs’ “home base” but there’s really not sufficient support for a new DM to make it so.

dnd 4e – What fixes are there for Keep on the Shadowfell? – Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

When I played ghe the DM had to give our tthe 4 newbs and There’s a pit in the very first encounter in the dungeon proper, so people can be pushed into it and learn those rules. Friday, 17th October, I’m no 4th edition connosseur, but I’d write a better adventure for it. You need to sign in or create an account to do that. First, consider the efforts to tie all the adventures together very strongly. Look at the noble sacrifice of the NPC!

Sign In or Register to comment. I think this was a conscious decision for Wizards.

I’m looking for hi-res jpgs or something of the outdoor encounter maps. The torturer up north uses terrain.


[4E] Why I think H1 Keep on the Shadowfell sucked – Story Games

The party invades an underground stoneworks and fights an attrition war against the inhabitants. Low-level early-game monsters tend to be hideously over or under powered.

What if the Irontooth encounter could be a negotiation and not a battle? Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft. It remains one of the weakest of the 4E offerings to this point. I thought most shadowfel the encounters were repetitive except for the last fight. I run these from a PDF shadowrell right now, and the page-flipping is still awful. It’s like they tried to be too clever and organized things in a really bizarre way. What fixes are there for Keep on the Shadowfell?

Certainly, you can add this stuff, as Clinton mentions. See all 9 collections some may be hidden. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

It is followed by the sequels Thunderspire Labyrinth and Pyramid of Shadows. I agree, it’s not the best module.

[4E] Why I think H1 Keep on the Shadowfell sucked

Before discussion about that eats johnzo’s thread alive, I figured I’d start a new thread to discuss it. Forum Software Powered by Vanilla.

Zeist orbits to safety in five rounds. Tabletop Simulator Store Page. Its module code, “H”, stands for Heroic Tier. What if all those undead he’s making are refugee souls from a plane of terrible tyranny and suffering?

Michael Ironside vows revenge! The worst thing he’s done is make everyone in Winterhaven go all emo, during the Tje Of The Keep interlude. The corridor, not the actual rooms. The adventure was designed by Bruce R.


This page was last edited on 18 Juneat FWIW, Sjadowfell on the Shadowfell was the first module I went through as a player in 4e and out group didn’t have any problems. The player characters journey to the keep and descend through its crypts, resulting in a final climactic confrontation with Kalarel. It is not difficult to alter this paradigm.

Irontooth should litter the roads with burning wagons and villagers to get peoples’ attention. That doesn’t make it a great module, but I think it does explain the decision. That’s not even my main problem with it. Sorcerer Blob 2, 2 24 The adventure is designed for characters from levels 1 to 3. So most of the fights end up taking place in the doorway. Sign up using Email and Password. Monday, 13th October, I ended up making use of the H1-H3 Orcus Conversion you listed, of all of the fixes I read about this one was the simplest to incorporate and most importantly it fixed a lot of the issues I had with the module.

The Genie’s Curse Birthright: What I want is situation, rich in possibilities, suggestion, and provocation — something that can be engaged in multiple way, but which only the PCs can resolve into plot. I want enough situation so that the module could even have replay value.