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MBA will continue to support its members and to advocate the improvement of the business environment. MBA is a coalition of Montenegrin companies, business associations and international companies. Also, MBA has members that are not physically present in Montenegro but that do have a commercial interest in Montenegro, and are therefore willing to be present through the work of a business association. What are the main activities of the zensii

Our work is conducted through a Board of Directors which has 15 members and also through our MBA offices. The activities of the organization derive from our mission.

Dusko Radovic, “Zenski razgovori”

What are your plans for the future? Based on these facts, and after series of preparatory meetings, the Montenegro Business Alliance was been founded by 10 individual companies at a meeting in Podgorica on the 24th of September Radovic is President of zensko Montenegro Business Alliance MBA since it was founded inand member of the water polo selection committee.

The organization aims to work in partnership with the public and with the private sector as well as with international groups and individuals to bring stability and sustainability to the Montenegrin economy. Who are your members?


Dusko Modly – [PDF Document]

Home Documents interview slobodan radovic MBA has improved the economic condition of businessmen and women in Montenegro by creating a better business climate in which companies can grow and prosper. Since he moved into private sector, mostly tourism, and step by step developed his own company Kruso which currently employees 65 people. If they are not satisfied with our work, MBA will no longer be able to exist. It is certain that MBA will continue to advocate for change in Montenegro and that all our efforts will be focused on our members needs and on the improvement of the overall environment in Montenegro.

He is married and has three kids.

The private sector needed an organization to represent it to the government, but it also needed something to bring together individuals to create a unified voice. After completing studies he worked until in local construction company Prvoborac one of the most successful dueko in Montenegro in that period.

This has always kept us razgvori during the last zdnski years. Currently, MBA has 2 offices, one in Podgorica and one in Kotor with a total of four fulltime employees. Radovic was born in Herceg Novi, Montenegro in This year the Montenegro Business Alliance celebrates the 10th year since its foundation. The mission of the Montenegro Business Alliance is to improve the quality of life for all Montenegrin citizens through economic growth and prosperity.


There is no distinct line between these activities since all of MBAs activities are based on the needs of our members. We can distinguish between the activities that are related to lobbying for the improvement of the business environment and those that are more related to the promotion of our members, their businesses and Montenegro as a country in which to do business.

In the future, as we approach EU membership, we will razgogori additional challenges and will need to use different strategies to fight these challenges.

First of all, let me say that MBA razgoviri a voluntary membership structure and this keeps us motivated to work and to represent the interests of our members since. The main reasons, I would say, for founding MBA were that the private sector was under represented in decision making processes and that a disorganized private sector had just started to develop in Montenegro. SinceMr Radovic expanded his business operations in the area of construction generating additional 70 new jobs.

Dusko Modly

Could you brief us about the organization? Post on Feb views.

The long term goals of MBA are: MBA has about members that come from different industries, sectors, branches and regions of Montenegro.