Professioneller Mixer mit 2 Digital-Effektgeräten und 2 x W Endstufen für Applikationen im Entertainment- und Multi-Media- Bereich. Showroom model with. Dynacord MP7 Powered Mixer – Used From HW Audio. Guaranteed Lowest price on Used Equipment. Find great deals for Dynacord Mp7 Powered Mixer -. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Nevertheless, regular operation is not possible during this dynnacord of time. A grounding type plug has two blades and a third grounding prong. LINE Electronically balanced inputs for the connection of electronic instruments, such as keyboards, drum computers, E-guitars and E-basses with an active output, as well as all other high level signal sources, like additional mixers, FX units, CD player, etc. Dynacord MP7 A professional mixer offering two digital effect units and a 2 x watts power amplifier to be used in entertainment and multimedia applications.

Keeping either one button pressed for a longer period of time allows scrolling the effect program numbers with increased tempo. This mode is automatically activated when pressing a PFL-button.

A red LED next to the meter instruments that is constantly lit signals that the corresponding channel is on the verge of clipping! All the troubling experience with cabling and matching mixers, amplifiers, FX-units and equalizers now belongs to history. Press the FX ON-switch. Repeat this procedure for all input ddynacord that you would like to include in the effect mix.

CD-Player, turntable or microphones on a secure even location and, if necessary, establish mains connections — Connect all the gear to the MP7 Fig. After all, many of our customers are entertainers who do both singing, maybe karaoke and DJ-ing and require the sound and lighting equipment to do a m7 show.


Try to avoid excessive enhancement of the MID band.

Recessed carrying handles in both side panels and an extremely sturdy transport coverlid protecting the controls ensure easy and safe transportation. Mind the label next to the mains switch stating the operation voltage your MP7 is factory-preset to. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.

It is extremely useful in accomplishing sound reinforcement in a neighboring room or monitoring purposes using a second power amplifier. If, after switching the MP7 on, the LED does not light, the first thing to do is to make sure that the mains plug is plugged in correctly. The warranty does not cover damage that results from improper or inadequate treatment or maintenance.

Specifications; Specification; Dimensions – Dynacord MP7 Owner’s Manual [Page 62]

Make sure to connect magnetic turntable pickup systems only. We strive to offer the lowest price on anything that we stock and also we give the best advice on PA systems, DJ gear, DJ lighting, Guitars, basses and other musical instruments. Generally, any type of microphone can be connected as long as its pin assignment is in accordance with the diagram shown aside.

In the following we would like to provide dynacorc with some recommendations for the dynaccord operation of your setup. So, battery replacement belongs to the past.

Use the Gain-control of the corresponding channel to reduce the audio signal level until the red LED lights only during program peaks. In case you would like to connect an active subwoofer to the SUB OUT connector, make sure that it does not incorporate an integrated frequency crossover or if so, that it is deactivated! Make sure to carefully test all components of the entire system prior to a live-performance.


In case of alteration or unauthorized repairs, the warranty is automatically terminated. Of course, you can cover the resulting gaps in the rack system using optionally available blinds with ventilation louvers.

Balanced cabling is the best method for avoiding problems with interference and humming see chapter: The Master-EQ is primarily aimed for making minor corrections in the overall sound only. Unbalanced stereo inputs for connecting LINE level devices like for example: All instructions concerning the handling of MOS – circuits have to be observed. Which means, you have at least a range of 8dB before signal clipping.

Dynacord MP7 Powermixer für DJ

These servicing instructions are for use by qualified personnel only. Before altering the sound, all tone controls should be set to their neutral position; i. Any work security regulations that are applicable at the location where the appliance is being serviced have to be strictly obeyed. Depending on the type of headphones connected to the phones jack, cynacord MP7 is capable of producing very high output levels via the phones output.

Education Department HW Audio is also a major supplier of educational music. Subject to change without prior notice. Set the gain control and the corresponding channel fader to their minimum setting. Overload or short-circuit can result in serious damage or failure of the output.