Inhibitor of cathepsins B and L; also thought to inhibit calpain. Inhibits lysosomal proteases and interferes with autolysosomal digestion when used in combination with pepstatin A (Cat. Keywords: E 64d, E 64d supplier, lysosomal, proteases, inhibitors, inhibits, cathepsins. Cell-permeable, ethyl ester of Ec. The ester is hydrolyzed by intracellular esterases to produce Ec. Inhibits calpain and cathepsins B, H, and L. Inhibits . Membrane-Permeant Cysteine Protease Inhibitor E64d. S. Eksi,1 B. Czesny,1 G.- J. . or without protease inhibitors, M E64d (Sigma, St Louis, MO), 10 M.

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Online Purchasing Account You are logged on as Guest. Reviews for E 64d There are currently no reviews for this product. Be the first to review E 64d and earn rewards! Concentration femtomolar picomolar nanomolar micromolar millimolar molar.


E-64-d (CAS 88321-09-9)

Mutants of collagen-specific molecular chaperone Hsp47 causing osteogenesis imperfecta are structurally unstable with weak binding affinity to collagen: See product citations 6. See how others have used Ed.

Certificate of Analysis Catalog Number sc scA. The Journal of biological chemistry. Click on the entry to view the PubMed entry. Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc. Sign-up for e64dd product e-alerts. Published data Date published: Your account has been deactivated. Volume 2 nanoliter microliter milliliter liter. Mass picograms nanograms micrograms milligrams grams kilograms.

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Kim et al Autophagy upregulation by inhibitors of caspase-3 and mTOR enhances radiotherapy in a mouse model of lung cancer. 6e4d Solutions For Your Workflow. Inhibition of calpain in intact platelets by the thiol protease inhibitor Ed: Cathepsin inhibitor; interferes with autolysosomal digestion.

E 64d Supplier | CAS | E64d | Tocris Bioscience

Volume 1 nanoliter microliter milliliter liter. Inhibits calpain and cathepsins B, H, and L. Mass in vial mg ug ng. Thank you for your question.


ED – BML-PI – Enzo Life Sciences

Cell Culture, Abstract. Inhibits degradation of autophagic cargo inside autophagolysosomes. There are currently no reviews for this product. Flying Start New Lab Program. Concentration 1 femtomolar picomolar nanomolar micromolar millimolar molar.

Have you used E 64d? The following data is based on the product molecular weight Citations 1 to 6 of 6 total Display: How to Minimize Photobleaching.