: Arch of Triumph: A Novel (): Erich Maria Remarque, Walter Sorell, Denver Lindley: Books. Complete summary of Erich Maria Remarque’s Arch of Triumph. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of Arch of Triumph. A superb piece of writing — a racking book to experience, and this in spite of the fact that the author attempts to keep his emotional values muted and his.

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But at the end, those people are just caught up in the turmoil of their times, trying their best to adapt and live their lifes. And sometimes it doesn’t work. This theme turns the book into a crime novel and the tension mounts as you reach the end.

And though he’s given up on the possibility of love, life has a curious way of taking a turn for the romantic, even during the worst of times. Maxwell Brownjohn, who incidentally translated many other of his works. The German original is as haunting if not more than the splendid English translation of the bovel by J.

And the narration brings this out. Remarque’s break-through came with his “All Quiet on Western Front” in the wake of the Great War, in which Europe committed cultural suicide at an intellectual level, and just over two decades later, started her material end with the rampage initiated by Hitler, the Bolshevik dictator and totally incompetent political nincompoops who led the allied nations.


This had all the indicia of a great novel and it was very good, I enjoyed reading gemarque. Aug 16, Lora Grigorova rated it it was amazing.

As normality becomes unrecognizable, choices evaporate, what is left of the spirit? Here the year is Open Preview See a Problem? Return to Book Page.

“Arch of Triumph” by Erich Maria Remarque.

It is as if he has a love affair with the English language even though it is not his native tongue. One night he meets a woman on the street in Paris, and the story takes off from there.

Remarque is known for the classic All Quiet on the Western Front, which is one of the greatest war stories ever told. Remarque draws Paris superbly, Paris and how it looks and smells and the tension of those times.

ARCH OF TRIUMPH by Erich Maria Remarque | Kirkus Reviews

Bet paskui pagalvoji, o gal kalba? He lives in Paris hotels under changing aliases and illegal passports as he journeys from one European country to another and is deported from one to the next, sometimes with fines and short incarcerations, back to the streets of Paris where he develops friends and acceptance due to his surgical skills.

Erano gli emigranti senza documenti, la brigata degli illegali. Arch of Triumph is a story of the difficult path of spiritual, moral and physical preservation in a ermarque of political persecution and uncertainty of what tomorrow might bring.

Arch of Triumph (novel) – Wikipedia

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: As a black cloud over the illegal community is the ever-present risk of getting found out and deported to Nazi Germany, torture and death.


In my own writing I do not shy away from descriptions of characters sipping one thing or another, even if it is not entirely necessary to the plot, but Remarque has certainly outdone me. Everything that I loved w My thoughts a bit into the book: His journeys are filled with suspense and melancholy as he searches for the meaning of life for himself and mankind.

And be it the boy with the cut leg, or the American Kate who has incurable cancer, life keeps beating them up, but they never give up. Dec 17, S. I just love this book! Remarque’s novels have been translated in more than fifty languages; globally the total edition comes up to several million copies.

I was blown away by this book.

Every time Joan and Ravic met there was alcohol — they even had their own type of alcohol Calvados which soon became a part of their sentimental love.

Critic Reviews “A great writer Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. And, by the way, they drink Calvados throughout the story. Ravic took part in the Spanish Civil War too. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Be the first to discover new talent!