Climacteric. Mar;8(1) Greene Climacteric Scale: norms in an Australian population in relation to age and menopausal status. Travers C(1), O’ Neill. OBJECTIVES: The purposes of the present study were to assess the factorial structure and reliability of the Greene Climacteric Scale (GCS). Maturitas. Jul 16;51(3) Measuring climacteric symptoms in an Ecuadorian population with the Greene Climacteric Scale. Sierra B(1), Hidalgo LA.

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The general consensus that emerged from the seven studies was that climacteric symptoms fall into three major independent groups.

Greene Climacteric Scale – Corporate Translations

Normative Data Menopausal and postmenopausal urban Scottish women randomly sampled from the electoral role or consecutive referrals to a menopause clinic. Zcale Flush Behavior Scale or Hunter menopause scale. A sample of Caucasian women, with ages between 47 and 91 years, divided into four age groups Measure climacteric symptoms in a low socio-economic Ecuadorian population with the Greene Climacteric Scale and determine factors involved with higher scorings.

Depending on the purpose of the research and research questions, this scale would be supplemented by other measures assessing characteristics of climacteric women relevant to the hypotheses being studied. Age group differences in the raw and the standardized scores of symptoms clusters were investigated by means of ANOVA procedures.

Like the EQ-5D-3L but each dimension has 5 levels: The scale is designed for completion by the subject, but if desired or necessary, it could be used in the form of a structured interview. Reliability – Test-retest of 50 menopausal women over a 2-week period yielded of 0. Logistic regression analysis confirmed all these associations except for parity, which was excluded as a risk factor for higher vasomotor scorings.


Anxiety A — sum items 1 to 6 Depression D — sum items 7 to 11 Symptom 21 is a probe for sexual dysfunction. Completion time for the scale is approximately 5 minutes. Other titles in this collection.

For this scale, the higher the score, the better the quality of life. Measures overall quality of life and has 5 subscales including physical, social, emotional, functional well-being, and breast concerns. The Greene Climacteric Scale consists of 21 items in four domains plus one sexual function probe.

Our results suggest that the Portuguese version of the GCS is a reliable and a valid instrument for the measurement of climacteric-related factors in postmenopausal women. Turn recording back on. Scae symptoms can be further sub-divided to measure anxiety and depression.

Instrument Scoring The Greene Climacteric Scale consists of 21 items in four domains plus one sexual function probe. Scores are assigned as follows:. Three separate sub-scales measure vasomotor symptoms, somatic symptoms, psychological symptoms, and an additional probe related to sexual function.

Not a specific measure but a term used for single-item visual analogue scales designed to measure overall quality of life when 0 is the lowest possible and is the climactetic possible quality of life. Global quality of scal.

In this specific population, climacteric symptoms presenting in all menopausal groups, as measured with the Greene Climacteric Scale, resulted to be higher climactwric previously reported standards and age, parity clinacteric educational level were independent risk factors. Support Center Support Center. A item measure for assessing the impact of vasomotor symptoms on daily activities in nine specific domains within the past week work, social activities, leisure activities, sleep, mood, concentration, relation with others, sexuality, and enjoyment of life and overall quality of life.


National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Instrument Scoring

The scores are weighted and a total sum is calculated with a higher score indicating a worse quality of life. The answers to all 21 questions are summed to give a total quality-of-life measure; a higher climactteric indicates a worse quality of life. Construct validity has been climcateric in relation to life stress, bereavement, psychological treatment, and hormone replacement therapy. Each dimension has 3 levels: The Greene Climacteric Scale aims to measure psychological greeen divided into anxiety and depression, somatic and vasomotor symptoms with a total of 21 items.

The P Scale can be further subdivided to give measures of: The number of items in each domain and the item numbers that refer to that domain are noted below: Menopausal and postmenopausal urban Scottish women randomly sampled from the electoral role or consecutive referrals to a menopause clinic.

Clear Turn Off Turn On. The total Greene Climacteric score for postmenopausal was found to be higher than premenopausal total score These scores are based on a comparative study of the Scale with the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, a scale designed to diagnose psychiatric disorders among general hospital dlimacteric.