The three sequences of Groundwork comprise a sophisticated reworking of European myth on the order of Yeats’s The Tower. The first is situated by an. Editor’s Note (Jan 13, ): Amanda Jernigan’s book Groundwork, from which these poems were excerpted, was named one of the top five. Amanda Jernigan’s debut poetry collection forwards a critique of contemporary aesthetics and knowledge production. From archaeological excavations in.

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All make-believe amounting to pretending to the throne, I banished Eve, and Adam, loath to groundworo it on his own, went after. Callisto and Demeter, centrally, for me.

Nevertheless, here’s the first disenchanting question: Get to Know Us. And then, this is the other thing: Can you tell me how that is, and why that is? And the ability to command, in writing, an androgynous voice: So my father’s delight in simple and complex math problems, and their solutions; a great aunt who taught me the names of tiny forest plants—these were probably as important as was Shakespeare.

Outram was from Southern Ontario, as was I; the place where he had grown up, now engulfed by Toronto, was a small town when he was a child there.


Becky Jerngian rated it it was amazing Mar 21, I was in a new relationship that was shaping up to be an enduring relationship, and there, too, I felt Her first collection is Groundwork: I am keenly aware of the fact that, especially as a woman, I’d be much worse off in almost jernugan other time and place than the one I am fortunate to inhabit. I woke, and you divided me. So I think more of road trips, than of plane trips not that road trips are carbon-innocent!

January 21, at 3: It is as if, in the beginning, Canadian literature chose to be easy.

Dariyn Campbell rated it it was amazing Mar 10, But empty it’s a better symbol. She grew up in rural Ontario and lived for many years in Atlantic Canada, working as an editor, scholar, and teacher; she now lives in Hamilton, Ontario, with her husband—artist John Haney—and their two children.

I think the Internet in general is disenchanting, to writers and to everything that comes within its virtual grasp, giving the illusion of accessibility to all: I wanted to be an actor before I wanted to be a writer, so this mask-making is in part a way to live that dream by other means. And it happens that Tara, in addition to being a publicist, is a tremendously erudite scholar and poet — so I do trust both her judgment and her literary integrity.


John Haney is a poet, playwright, essayist and editor.

Groundwork | Quill and Quire

And equally important, the writers who have just continued to make obstinate, unfashionable work, sometimes in obscurity. Review “Amanda Jernigan possesses daunting formal skill Richard Outram to Michael Carbert:.

Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. My mother is a literary editor: With Groundwork, Jernigan arrives not as a wide-eyed first-timer, but as a wide-eyed master.

Poetry Daily Prose Feature: Interview with Amanda Jernigan

In fact, ask me, if you can guess my name. The tenor of Canadian literature has changed since Manguel wrote this: My university offered courses in Classics, which I took until I got spooked by the amqnda requirement I regret, now, that I didn’t learn Latin and Greek —and a summer field school, working on a dig in North Africa.

Reproduced by Poetry Daily with permission. I’ll say at the outset and somewhat cheekily that I dislike interviews. Or at least to Amanda.