The White Spider has ratings and reviews. Raghu said: I have admired Heinrich Harrer ever since I came across his book ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ m. The ultimate classic mountaineering literature, The White Spider, follows Heinrich Harrer and team of three up the notorious North Face of the Eiger, leading to. Heinrich Harrer, author of Seven Years in Tibet’ and one of the twentieth century’s greatest mountaineers, was part of the team that finally conquered th.

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This experience renewed Joe’s hareer with Toni Kurz. He says that it gave him nightmares, and that it should have put him off mountaineering forever.

The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer

Perhaps he felt like his contribution was not that significant? For me, the maps showing the route on the North face in great detail along with Harrer’s narrative made it all come alive.

It transcends harrfr national frontiers. Today, the risks – while still substantial – are much reduced. Is the man who, at moments when his own life is in the balance, has not only to safeguard it but, at the same time, his friend’s- even to the extent of mutual self-sacrifice- to receive less recognition than a boxer n the ring, simply because the nature harreer what he is doing is not properly understood?

Oct 04, Pranav rated it really liked it Shelves: Feb 03, Antoinette rated it really liked it. While The Zen is a philosophical master piece, the White Spider heinrjch first glance looks like a collection of News Articles concerning the various attempts to the summit of the ft high Mount Eiger in Switzerland. The heirnich style is antiquated and the translation needs tightening a little, but this actually helps give you a good picture of the time. I really enjoyed it. I loved building my knowledge on mountaineering.

Although physically exhausted by the time they reach that point, climbers must navigate the steep ice-field to reach the peak’s summit.

Finally the team decided that their only hope was to try to climb straight down from their present position. Perhaps it is a product of his anti-Italian bias, which is revealed in his comments about the first Italian ascent of the Eiger Nordwand, the way in which he speaks of Walter Bonatti, and at various other places in the narrative. Undeterred or unperturbed by these events, Harrer and his Austrian partner Kasparek showed up in the summer of and one day started up the hzrrer.


All sorts of security measures heinricu new equipment have come on the market since Harrer’s successful climb, but in spite of these new advantages, “the North Wall of the Eiger remains one of the most perilous in the Alps. Only neinrich Italian Claudio Corti comes in for some oblique criticism.

Heinfich 20, Carol Masciola rated it really liked it. I got a little tired of the author’s co Heinrich Harrer talks about how he and a team of four were heinricb first to ascend the notorious north face of the Eiger in the Bernese Alps inof the failed attempts before that, and attempts and successful climbs after that, all the way up to the early s. What there was however were wildly contradictory passages from Harrer, which seemed to excuse the actions of other climbers where he was scathing of Corti.

Mais tarde Harrer recontou esta escalada no livro The White Spider. For the European nations, acquiring these bragging rights was critical. He excused Brian Nally’s confusion and contradictory statements after the tragic death of Brewster on exertion and shock; no such leniency on Corti, who he implied was simply lying.

Harrer’s account of the harfer was the subject of considerable controversy and is no longer considered historically accurate. It is after all one of the classics of mountaineering literature in terms of achievements. Recent research on the climb, photos.

The White Spider: The Classic Account of the Ascent of the Eiger

Harrer also describes the tragedies of and when the behavior harrr a couple of climbers – Italian and British – came under intense scrutiny for the deaths of their companions on the mountain. He might have made it, except that a knot became jammed in one of the snap rings that it traveled through and he lacked the spdier to free it.

Elsewhere, the life-and-death struggles on the mountain were deplored. Hinterstoisser, who was not secured, was swept to his death. Toni Kurz, you break my heart. Feb 03, Rob Wesson rated it it was amazing. They clearly had not prepared and, after a false start that consumed several days, met up with two German climbers who completed the climb of the face and died on the way down the west side who went with them for some distance despite a language barrier.

I understand where he is coming from in some sense, that the ascent should not be taken lightly and those who approach it ill-prepared are courting heinrifh danger, something to be discourage, but it’s also done in such a tasteless way. That doesn’t mean it’s not informative or heirnich interesting read – it’s just not high quality literature. Of the other three men, who were roped up, the lowest man, Angerer was killed when he was smashed against the rock.

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The White Spider by Heinrich Harrer | : Books

Mountaineers are a band of brothers. I really did want to enjoy this, I gave this a go after reading Joe Simpson’s “Beckoning Silence” since he had been so inspired by this book in his childhood.

Harrer had some weird thing going there, and he refused to retract himself even after this discovery, which is just stubborn-headed. Frequently Harrer repeats and insists that he is merely providing an objective eye and is leaving personal feelings aside, reviewing only the facts, but I fail to see how this is the case in his hypocritical and paradoxical praising of certain ascents and condemnation of others.

A superb book, not just because of the mountaineering anecdotes – which range from the tragic to the triumphant – but also because of its recreation of a Europe before and after the war.

The majority of readers are familiar with his name from the international bestseller Seven Years in Tibetin which he describes with much gusto his escape to and long refuge in the Forbidden Kingdom – actions that forever altered the course of events for both the Austrian ex-POW and the Dalai Lama. This is all despite the fact that evidence to corroborate Corti’s account was uncovered, namely the bodies of Nothdurft and Meyer, and the general climbing fraternity had come to believe his account.

The Eiger is out of reach beyond these pages. His fall dragged the injured man down with him and killed one of the others.

For the next three days he crawled the five miles back to their camp, where Yates was just about to leave. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harrer died in at the age of 93 and Heckmair in at Harrer had a remarkable life. Aug 31, Hywel Owen rated it it was amazing. Harrer captures the spirit of the times in the s when every summer, the imagination of the European public and journalists was riveted on the North Face.

It’s quite heavy stuff sometimes and incomprehensible also for me as layperson. While I found this book interesting, it was very very dry. The mountaineering parts are suspenseful, dark, chilling, profound, mysterio Great and comprehensive chronicle of mountaineering on Eiger.