Certified Quality awards for products, installations and shows. Since 28 Not only suitable as an eye catcher in any location, the 3D HydroMatrix . /01 Technical details are subject to change without notice. Beautiful Montage Vase Dexpansion Chaudire Frisquet With Eco Radio System Frisquet Notice. Top Chaudire Frisquet Hydromotrix Condens Kw Mixte Visio. Je viens de récupérer la notice sur le site du vendeur LR, tu es en GN 20 ou 25? As tu contrôlé les pressions gaz? De puis que tu as po” le tube annelé tu as eu.

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The metal works at low temperatures, ensuring its reliability and strength. It has an unparalleled variability, from 4.

How to combine power with discretion? Heat exchanger temperature sensor 5. It sends the information back to inatallation boiler by radio, with no interference. It offers ample hot water: Its processing power allows it to incorporate nnotice these functions at no extra cost. At the end ofit also became a CE standard device. Each material is chosen for its best properties: Your boiler must offer you comfort and peace of mind. It provides significant, very obvious extra flow.


Our solar UPECs are designed to be connected directly. These feature are necessary in order to be sure of providing generous amounts of hot water. The latter has 5 classes: It applies a learning process relating to the performance of the heating zone, and determines the most suitable settings.

Adjustable, with a full, factory-fitted system so it can be adapted to suit requirements, the mixed-version PRESTIGE condensing boiler offers high quality hot water at a standard output rate of The satellite’s batteries last 3 years. These analyses and adjustments are complicated and time-consuming.


Eco Radio System Frisquet Notice

This high-tech control facility is provided as standard with the boiler. One of these circuits is supplied as it it were a “single-circuit heating system”. We set many criteria for quality.

Just a few keys are enough to operate all the functions. Inetallation exclusive, CE-certified system solution. The heat exchanger and its turbulators are very accessible, assisting maintenance. Our tanks are available with a capacity of 80 and litres, fitted with a more than adequate double-coil heat exchanger.

This optimises heat exchange and eliminates local overheating caused by the burner power. You can observe this for yourself: Comfort and peace, strength and longevity, energy saving, low after-sales cost, etc.

It is easy to integrate, because of its compact size and neat design. It is also the only, mixed, floor-standing boiler that combines 3-star instant hot water production with high efficiency. Experience shows that smaller capacity tanks 40, 50 or 60 litres quickly reach hydromotriz limit and run out.


This is our trademark. It is authorised to run its own certification tests, which are then validated by an independent, approved laboratory.

[Thermique] Chaudière Vergne EDENS kw ratées de combustion

Using stainless steel means that there is no need for the anodes used to prevent corrosion in enamelled steel tanks. And finally, the demand for service, since the quality of our boilers means we can guarantee them well beyond the minimum legal period.

You must also include the costs relating to maintenance. The pulse command is completely vacation, date, time, hot water programme, safe and does not affect the boiler’s special information. From studio flat to a large house, from a single shower to 2 baths at once, FRISQUET wall-mounted or floor standing boilers deliver the performance you need.

With accelerated circulation, its tank produces hot water efficiently, with only 20 kW, at a standard output of