Jamin-interferometer-setup for the determination of concentration and temperature dependent face-specific crystal growth rates from a single. For the purpose of studying anomalies in the index-temperature relation of transparent liquids, a Jamin interferometer has been developed using special control. A novel two-beam interferometer for the measurement of a refractive index or its induced changes is Photothermal measurements with a Jamin interferometer.

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The phase shift due to changes in pressure is quite easy to measure.

Interferometr 26 5 Metrics You do not have subscription access to this journal. The rays are recombined at the second mirror and ultimately imaged onto a screen. If a phase -shifting element is added to one arm of the interferometer, then the displacement it causes can be determined by simply counting the interference fringes, i. Retrieved from ” https: B 28 10 interfeormeter In this figure, we imagine analyzing a candle flame.

Journal of the Optical Society of America

There are applications, however, in which sensitivity to Cited Interferometter You do not have subscription access to this journal.

References You do not have subscription access to this journal. Click here to learn more. Year of Establishment Login or Create Account. Call Send a quick message. The Jamin interferometer allows very exact measurements of the refractive index and dispersion of gases; a transparent pressure chamber can be positioned in the instrument. Gryvnak, and Richard R.


Interferometfr interferometer topic Figure 1. Please login to set citation alerts. Express 18 16 Accurate measurement of refractive index and dispersion. Figures 9 You do not have subscription access to this journal. Arnott, “Folded Jamin interferometer: Journal of the Optical Society of America Vol. Figures 4 You do not have subscription access to this journal. A laboratory prototype has been built.

Interferometers Optics Optics stubs. He obtained his first position at the college of Caen, where he succeeded Paul Desains. Equations displayed with MathJax. Member feedback about Mach—Zehnder interferometer: Interferometers Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Variable-Temperature Infrared Cells A. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Jules Jamin topic Jules Jamin.

Jamin interferometer – Wikipedia

Click here to see what’s new. OSA will be closed for the holidays from 21 December The index of physics articles is split into multiple pages due to its size. Either output image may be monitored. Equations are available to subscribers only.


In contrast to the well-known Michelson interferometer, each of the well-separated light paths is traversed only interferometdr. A pair of gas cell with plane-parallel widows with mechanical mount.

Laser Interferometers in Ambala.

These two images can be a nuisance when they overlap, since they can severely affect the accuracy of mass thickness measurements. Simultaneous recording of optical and thermal changes are made on a constant speed paper tape. Zehnder’s proposal in an article[1] was refined by Mach in an article.

A common-path interferometer is generally jamij robust to environmental vibrations than a “double-path interferometer” such as the Michelson interferometer or the Mach—Zehnder interferometer.

Optics Letters

Jamin topic Jamin may refer to: Widely acclaimed as an efficient manufacturer interfrrometer supplier, we are engaged in offering Jamin Interferometer. Remember me on this computer. In variants of the interference microscope where object and reference beam pass through the same objective, two images are produced of every object one being the “ghost image”. Member feedback about Jules Jamin: