Jeet Thayil was nearly born in the middle of the Muhattapuzha River. The current has kept him ever since. (‘Who among us will escape the. As starlight, as ash or rain, as a smear on the moon, as a tree, say a champakali, as a leaf or a man impersonating a leaf torn into shreds and fed to the . Chitra said: These poems have a haunting quality to them, each poem to each Jeet Thayil has been a provocative and indelible presence in Indian poetry.

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Turner Page rated it really liked it Oct 14, Through Dismas, Thayil explores the uncertain space brown people occupy in the racial and class politics of the west.

Only poetry is not shit: Jeet Thayil on writing

This excerpt has been published with permission from Aleph Book Company. His idiom is the result of a cosmopolitan blend of styles, and is yet, quite clearly, his own. In other projects Wikiquote. The world is old and set in its ways, and K.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Awaneesh rated it really liked it Sep 02, You know when to hit htayil ground and stay down.

Most poems are not inter-related but understanding Thayil is like peeling an onion, the more layers you peel, the closer you get to the underlying verses. There followed in the sudden death of his young wife Shakti Bhatt. Mindy rated it it was amazing May 24, Poema his first book, Five Point Someone was then priced at Rs 95 and became a bestseller without any discounts.


Jeet Thayil

He recalls a brilliant man struggling with alcohol addiction. I wanted to honour the people I knew in the opium dens, the marginalised, the addicted and deranged, people who are routinely called poemms lowest of the low; and I wanted to make some record of a world that no longer exists, except within the pages of a book.

In the 80s in India that was quite something. Indeed, the spirit of the enfant terrible lives in Thayil’s creations.

As an example, here is a poem from Apocalypso, followed by the new version, in which Kafka makes an unannounced late entrance: The poet, novelist and former drug addict moves between panels on the future of the novel, moderating sessions with poets and a spoken word gig.

By using this site, you agree to the Ppems of Use and Privacy Policy. I take poema pears from the Gauguin bowl, shine them with your slip.

Jeet Thayil interviewedy by Hemant Sareen. When he lifts saucepan to stove, images atone forever in his jeef. First published in Beyond Books, The Statesman.

Dec 11, Swrang Varma rated it it was amazing. Considering my modest oeuvre and how little of it is available, it’s an odd and oddly gratifying sensation to put the four books of poetry together in this volume, along with some new poems and poems that were written many years ago but never published. I received a copy in exchange for a review. Too shy to introduce himself, Thayil left.


Collected Poems

Someone sent me a photo of Billie, in which she’s leaning into a microphone, her face swollen. You are kissed and kissed again.

In he told the Indian newspaper, The Hinduthat he had been an alcoholic like many of the Bombay poets and an addict for almost two decades: Sachin Prabhu rated it really liked it Oct 13, He is best known as a poet and is the author of four collections: Srecko Kosovel rated it did not like it Aug 19, In fact I think he took some pride in not considering himself part of groups.

Legs unsteady, undersea eyes bleared and brimming, I twine a blue smoke from nose to throat, then the quick stumble to the cupboard. He was peoms by an iconography of blond, blue-eyed saints.