Some writers are prolific. A better adjective for John Scalzi might be “possessed.” You’d think he’d have his hands full churning out novels at a machine-gun. The third book in John Scalzi’s exciting sci-fi series which started with Old Man’s War. This essay, on The Last Colony, is the third installment in an on-going retrospective of John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War series. Previous.

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Old Man’s War 3.

The Last Colony – Wikipedia

Thank you for writing. This was such a perfect end to the trilogy. They all talk and think the same, including supposedly lsst politicians and alien generals.

The only things really holding humanity back from joining the Conclave were ignorance and chauvinism. Jane is the local constabulary. Seeing the story again told from John Perry’s point of view was a blast and the combination of humor, plot, twists, characters and action worked really well for me.

In a way, it copony like what’s happening with Joe Abercrombie – teh you milk it too much you lose passion for your own work. Despite this, I still strongly recommend the book and am very glad to have read it.

Uncle Sameer should have been killed off as violently as possible.

He is eventually released, and after speaking with the Special Forces again, returns to Roanoke. One time, during one of the explanation coloony, I was thinking, well, if you are going to attack a fleet consisted of hundreds of nations don’t you think they will want to avenge their fallen soldiers and ships? Mich hat dieser Part des Neusiedelns und Kompetenzgerangels sehr gelangweilt.

Jul 21, Terence rated it liked it.

Thoughts on The Last Colony

Scalzi’s writing is in top form in The Last Colony and since John Perry is the lead character, there’s a bit more humor than in Ghost Brigades. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

They then play soccer with his skull. John Perry and Jane Sagan — he the formerly heavily-modded supersoldier of the Colonial Defense Force, she the super-dupersoldier genetically designed right from the lab — have retired to an unassuming agricultural colony with fresh, unmodified bodies and an adopted daughter, Zoe, now a teenager.



What does work, and quite well, is the portrayal of the mundane, daily crises that an emerging colony must endure, and the relationships between those tje whom the survival of hundreds of people relies.

We scxlzi back to the first-person narrative of Major John Perry, formerly a reborn-supersoldier, now a husband and father and space-colonist. Does that make any sense? This frankly turned out to be a blessing. At the end of the day, while I’ve concluded there are some weaknesses to this series, all the strengths add up to give me an easy sci-fi, perfect for a light reading mood.

It is a just the right job for a war hero without any experience useful in the daily life of a backwater rural colony. Scalzi has all of these interesting alien species, but I’m at the halfway point in the series and couldn’t begin to tell you what they look like. The alien races of the galaxy are organizing, in part due to humanity’s brutality, and they are trying to bring galactic peace.

They even have no direct or indirect benefit in it. I can accept one person te stupid mistake but organisation that successfully led humanity for few hundred years collectively going nuts and committing suicidal acts – goes beyond my believe. And that’s when you realize that Scalzi is a devilish little genius with a clever plan behind his smile.

I’d like to think people would be smarter than this, but the colonists are probably similar to the majority of individuals in the world. And I did like the inner turmoil Jane Sagan continues to feel as the result of her indeterminate pseudo-humanity. It was shocking to see how even after such betrayal what people could be capable of doing.

Yet he soldiers on, evidently genetically engineered for perfect tirelessness. But the universe is a tough place and habitable planets are in demand by many different races. Even people from a different country on our little planet have completely different mannerisms, idioms, and way of speaking, let alone an intergallatic bug-like species from a distant world.

Then it strikes you that the themes aren’t just love and family and such but also war and o There’s an easy brilliance to the OMW series that I think shines at its best in Last Colony. Apparently a group of different cultures have banded together, calling themselves the Covenant, and declared that there will be no more human colonies established and are willing to back up that statement with the destruction of any new colonies that are established.


Jane Sagan and Savitri Guntupillai. L’ultima colonia di John Scalzi 1 5 Oct 26, I johh hesitant about John Scalzi’s take on the subject with the story of Old Man War protagonist John Perry taking up the role of a colony head in a book series primarily about the evils of colonization. scaalzi

colojy Other books in the series. At a higher level, we get the perspectives of a Colonial Union State Department spy and of an alien which is second in command of the Conclave.

This book ending up having to prove to me that it was worth liking, and worth me writing. This time around John Perry and his badass wife Jane are out of the CDF and are no longer green, having been given retired human bodies. Of colojy, his have redeeming qualities, which helps.

Final Conflict fans, the ones actually watching and purchasing and loving the merely B-level stuff that makes up the vast majority of original content of any particular literary genre. Anne, I know exactly what you mean. When you write, because there’s a contract, you can feel it. It’s nice to see that some of the revelations in book 2 are followed up here, view spoiler [namely, that Charles Boutin wasn’t just a crazy, evil genius, and the CU really are fairly unethical hide spoiler ].

That doesn’t make for a good conflict, especially when the conflict is presented as humanity vs. I believe and fervently hope he uses his powers for good. For me, the Last Colony was a lost colony. They have no obligations except for a perverted sense of moral duty.

SF : The Last Colony / John Scalzi ★★★½

This problem was especially apparent in Redshirts, which had a great idea what if you found yourself as one of those unfortunate redshirt-wearing ensigns destined for a horrible death in Star Trek but got tiresome towards the end. With a foreword by Hugo Chavez. It seems like a good time to head to the exit, at least as far as the novels are concerned.