Page 1. Kitchen stewarding UNIT—4. In kitchen stewarding, one is required to maintain the kitchens of an eatery or hotel. This job has moved from being a chef’s. Home Interior Design Style Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design Kitchen Living Room Kitchen Stewarding Department Layout And Design. KITCHEN STEWARDING LAYOUT AND DESIGN PDF. Find + best results for “kitchen stewarding layout and design pdf” web-references, pdf, doc, ppt, xls.

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Dishes are neatly stacked in racks which slide into the machines where they are sprayed with hot water and detergents 48 degree C degree C from above and below.

vivekvermanotes: 5th sem kitchen stewarding notes (f&b) Notes

Exterior premises of the restaurant. The machine is aided by a conveyor belt running through it. The plates and other earthenware are stacked and put in a wired basket, and the glass wares in a separate similar basket iktchen avoid breakage. The equipments can also be sterilized by hot steam and then wiped and send to the plate room and silver room accordingly.

Stewarding department

The stewarding department has to clear the garbage bins at least four times a day so as to avoid piling up of garbage, and the garbage and waste materials should be transferred to its appropriate garbage trolleys. The nad and grouped dirties come in their groups to the first sink and here they are manually scrubbed with the hot water solution after which they are passed to the second sink where they are rinsed dewign ultimately to the third sink with tepid water where they are sanitized.

Aside from the duties and responsibilities of stewards, is there anything more you can add up regarding steward personal growth?


The machine takes around 15 min to complete the polishing process. The first sink contains a hot water and soap solution, and the second sink contains hot water to rinse and the third sink contains tepid warm water with a sanitized solution.

For garbage disposal different color coded bins are placed outside each restaurant: Singh 30 November at Dishes sterilized at this temperature dry quickly when passed out into the air. Etewarding Forgot your password?

These machines are usually operated by two people, one to sort soiled items and feed the machine and the other to collect the clean ware. Silver dip- The silver to be cleaned is kept in a wire basket and immersed in the silver dip, laout is a pink-coloured liquid. Newer Post Older Post Home. This section is normally in the charge kitchem the stewarding supervisor who may in turn have number of wash up boys as per need.

In a nutshell, dry garbage materials are those items that can be recycled. They should also be degreased and air dried. It is important to follow the instructions of the manufacturer with regard to use and maintenance of the washing machine. Log Book — to maintain daily information of the department 2.

The first method is known as three sink washing method. They are inorganic materials such as plastic, papers, cardboard boxes, etc. At the End of the Day Before closing the restaurant, here are the areas in the kitchen and kitchen items that the stewarding department needs to address: Scrape and pre rinse to keep the washing water clean for a longer time. In fact, it should never be situated near the vicinity of the food production area where food is usually prepared.


If sterilized in water at this temperature the crockery will dry by itself without the use of drying up cloths.

Storage facilities, Layout and Design

Debris should be removed from the crockery before it is placed into the wire racks. TamilSelvam 12 July at Bathroom mirrors should be spotlessly clean. Common Guidelines in Proper Garbage Disposal Each restaurant has sesign own guideline for proper garbage disposal that its Stewarding Department uses. Countertop coolers and shelves. Unknown 20 November at Bathroom should be restocked with hand soap as well as paper towels.

The height of the bar is normally inches. Parts of Bar A bar consists of the following three parts: The different registers and records maintained in this department are: Of course, the plastic liners should always be changed each time the garbage bin is cleared. Not only will these guidelines prevent the contamination of stewardihg with harmful substances, but this will also protect the diners as well as the staff from these harmful substances.

AMC Records Register — to maintain the annual maintenance records of all equipments.

Check internal temperatures using a thermometer Check temperatures at least every four hours Discard it after a predetermined amount of time Protect it. Setwarding chemical reaction removes the tarnish. Then they are rinsed and sterilized in another section of the machine.

They should also be washed, rinsed, and sanitized in between products. The racks are left for two minutes and then lifted out and the crockery left to drain.