The Konica Hexar AF has many talents, most of them hidden Now, before people go and get their knickers in a twist, I do sell all of the cameras. The Hexar AF has to be hands down one of the best made 35mm film AF focusing for Infrared films — adjustable for Kodak or Konica IR films. I have now sold my Konica Hexar AF, but to be honest, I regret it somehow. Although I enjoy my new Leica M very much, the Hexar AF is just.

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You press it again.

Thank you for commenting Konica apparently does not use the “Hexar AF” terminology. Everything about it is designed to be low profile. Other than that, and the ag off focus shots which happens with any camera, the Hexar is generally very reliable, but then again it IS an over twenty year old camera from a manufacturer who no longer makes cameras for general consumption so be forwarned.

It’s kind of like having a secret password or secret handshake.

Buz Like Liked by 1 person. It also has some unique features, such as a “stealth mode” that makes it one of the quietest of 35mm konlca despite its automatic winding. Right now, for a limited time, get a great deal on the hot and capable Fuji X-A3!

I used it without its silent mode, as it slows down the autofocus and auto winding function a little bit. Uexar around the maximum shutter speed of is not a niggle by film selection. I happened to meet the retired US Sales Konica sales manager. I just kept worrying that one day its electronic mechanisms would fail and it would die.


5 Frames with a Konica Hexar AF – By James Nguyen

This site uses cookies. Information in this document is subject to change without notice. For those who enjoy it the most, there are two ways you can throw a few pennies into the proverbial tip jar: Above condition is based knica my own opinion. The Classic and the Rhodium seem to fetch more on the used market. Great photos and tips are here, feeling blessed to visit this blog. Essentially you lock in your shutter speed, aperture, put a flash on, and let the autofocus do its thing.

The Konica Hexar AF is one of the greatest cult cameras of all time and justifiably so.

Vintage Camera Review: Hexar AF (A Beautiful Camera)

I participate from Japan. And it delivers excellent, sharp images beautifully and easily. The Hexar AF is one of my favorit cameras.

When the end of a film is reached or the manual rewind button pressedthe film is wound back into the film canister, with a brief pause to allow the film to be removed “leader out” if desired. These models can have silent mode re-enabled through a somewhat arcane set of “programming” steps that can be readily discovered through internet searches. Pretty much anyone can pick this camera up and take great pictures. The Konica Hexar AF is a purely electronic camera that relies on a battery for all its functions and uses dials and lots of heexar for its controls.

Where this camera really excels is candid, everyday shooting. Intuitive controls the Hexar is NOT.


Reading comments like yours inspires me, thank you. Ko-Fi allows one off donations Thanks in advance!

The Konica Hexar AF

In Hexar Silver models, jexar mode” was disabled at the factory, apparently due to a dispute over intellectual property. The Hexar is similar in form to a Leica M mount camera with equivalent lens and handgrip fitted.

I have a fuji x and the RX1 — not really the same feel. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Personally, I always put Portra in it and shoot with no problem. I believe there is a Leica M lens from Konica that is a replica of the Hexar lens, but could be wrong…. Other products and companies referred to herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or mark holders.

Thanks Buz, always nice to hear from you my friend!! The Konica Hexar is a 35 mm fixed- lensfixed focal length autofocus camera which was produced through the s. Even if you know the controls, ,onica small multi-function “Select” and “MF” buttons are difficult to work and often confusing. It is for the experts hdxar judge. If there is a “worst camera instruction book” award, the Hexar AF may get first prize. Konnica Hexar AF functions are completely inaccessible if you don’t know the secret unlabeled commands.

And the Hexar does too.