Labcold IntelliCold®Pharmacy Refrigerators – Feature Table. MODEL NUMBER. RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/G RLDF/. Door Seal – Labcold RLDF RLDF RLDF Fridge · Probe – Labcold Lock & Keys – Labcold RLDF RLDG RLDF · Rear Power. Labcold RLDFA Under Counter Solid Door Refrigerator Litre. Product no.: HRF Be the first to rate this Labcold Retro fit drawers for RLDF/G .

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Compact, yet complete with all the features you would expect from a purpose built pharmacy or vaccine refrigerator including fan assisted cooling for even temperature distribution. These instructions should More information. Please contact your retailer If, when the fridge is first plugged in the display shows test or it continually displays the numbers 01,02,05,10 or 15 with no decimal point or the display does not change to an alarm state or show a temperature value after a few minutes, there is a system failure.

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Alarms will then show on the display and you may hear the audible alarm as the fridge completes its start up diagnostic checks. The freezer comes with 4 plastic drawers, 3 refrigerated shelf compartments and top mounted ice packs to improve hold over temperature. The information stored in the controller will cover the last 13 months and is not deleted from the fridges memory when uploaded.

User Guide Congratulations on your new EasyPad Please fill this in as soon as rldg get your fridge so we can help you as quickly as possible in the event of a problem.


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Make sure the power cable is not bent, pinched or compressed and that it can be easily accessed. We trust that you will More information. Power Lwbcold Battery power.

This is the manufacturers recommend temperature for the storing of vaccines. New cards are available at a small cost from Labcold.

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Do not use if the power supply. Please read carefully and follow all warnings and instructions in. We trust that you will. The card can then be inserted in an SD reader, connected to any PC or Mac and will download the data as a CSV file, a format compatible with Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet applications.

Vanessa Hutchinson 1 years ago Views: If you bought your fridge directly from Labcold you should contact our service team on: Light on Button Door Alarm If the door of the fridge is left open for more than 90 seconds an audible alarm will sound and the front panel will flash door and display the temperature inside the chamber alternately. Inner drawers minimise temperature changes during door opening and make it easier to remove contents during defrosting.

Do not use if the power supply More information. Labcold recognises the benefit to the environment of this legislation and is designing products to allow more recycling and less impact on landfill.

This gives out heat as part of normal operation and is nothing to worry about. Ensure your fridge is level by adjusting the feet at the bottom of your fridge.

In order to get maximum cooling from your refrigerator, follow these instructions carefully: If this is blocked, water will remain inside the fridge.


Most require immediate action.

To return the light to automatic mode, simply press and hold both the light on and light off buttons until auto is shown on the display.

This product has been designed with the highest More information. Your Labcold refrigerator comes complete with a one years parts and labour warranty. Thank labcoldd for your trust in. The room is too warm or even damp The temperature is set too low – please check the set point by pushing the set button.

If the light comes on when the door is opened and you can hear the fridge working and it feels cold inside it means the display may be rldg. This temperature is the actual temperature recorded by the probes inside the refrigerator and as the fridge cools to the set point factory set at 5 o C so the number on the display will descend accordingly. Labcold refrigerators and freezers developed a reputation with large corporate and medical establishments as being labcole, secure and reliable through quality construction and performance with appropriate safety and monitoring facilities.

A professional Pharmacy refrigerator designed for the storage of labvold and medicines under controlled conditions. Labcold is established as a leading specialist manufacturer and supplier of medical and laboratory refrigerators and freezers in the UK.