Layla and Majnun is a classic story of love most notably expressed by the great poets Nizami Ganjavi and Muhammad Fuzuli. It has been presented in many. I liked this sweet little thing. Not well known in the West, Layla and Majnun were the “Romeo and Juliet” of Iran. The portrait of Majnun (who went mad over his. Director Sajid Ali’s “Laila Majnu” is his take on this legendary Persian tale of star- crossed lovers. The story of this classic tale and the treatment.

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The latest of which mahnun a 70 minute long musical and dance production by director and choreographer Mark Morris. In Persia, poets Rudaki and Baba Taher mention the lovers in their 9th century works, but the concept of the story had already been known as far back as fifth century Arabic literature.

But Nizami was the first person to vividly and extensively developed the plot and characters. Nonetheless, the main concept of previous works had only loosely connected and barely developed the these concepts. lala

Layla and Majnun | Nizami’s Tragic Persian Laila and Majnun Love Story

Albeit, they also focused on the same erotic abandon, unfulfilled longing, and passionate displays of love and devotion that Nizami, who also penned the tragic Persian love story Of Shirin and Khosrowcarried forward in his poetic masterpiece. In stark contrast, Qays is without filter as he very publicly, incessantly and obsessively announces his passions, in elegiac lyrics, for all to hear. Not wanting the scandal of his daughter marrying someone the tribe that has been referred to as a madman, her father refused immediately.

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This older man, Ibn Salam, is someone who Layla neither knew and naturally never loved.

Meanwhile, Majnun is overcome with rejection and grief. His hope was to cure his son of his obsessive love for the now married Layla.

The Story of Layla and Majnun

Layla, meanwhile, is a loyal and obedient daughter. Her marriage to Ibn Salam takes place as her father demands. Ibn is wealthy and shallow, making it further impossible for Layla to ever love anyone aside Majnun.

She never consummates her marriage to Ibn, but she does remain a faithful, albeit completely chaste, wife. Ibn eventually dies of rejection, his own grief and disillusionment.

Her hope was, that upon hearing of lala parents death, he would return. The man find and delivers the news to Majnun. Msjnun a result, he retreats further into depression, regret and grief.

Instead of returning, Majnun vows to live his remaining time isolated in the desert.

Throughout the story, Majnun is offered many opportunities to speak with Layla. He refuses any contact, including intimacy, as he comes to believe that their love transcends physical sensuality, selfish intent and lust. She allows herself hope that she could finally reunite with him and fulfill their love.


Tradition, however, requires Layla to grieve for her dead husband in complete solitude for two long years. The demand of tradition atop the previous separation from Majnun was too much for Layla to shoulder.

The Story of Layla and Majnun

A broken heart sickened Layla and caused her to give up on her life and hope for any future of it. As a result of her broken heart, Layla dies alone, never reuniting with her beloved Majnun.

Having lost the only purpose for his existence, Majnun wept himself to death right there on her lailq.

His hope is that they could be reunited and fulfill their love in the afterlife. The Nizami Ganjavi story of Majnun and Layla, just like Romeo and Juliet, has certainly left a profound legacy upon literature.

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