Now screenwriter and first-time novelist Faunce allows Borgia to speak for herself in this extravagant first-person narrative of Borgia’s life in late. Lucrezia Borgia, for example, was the daughter of Pope Alexander VI, and, like just about everyone who grew up at the foot of a throne, her. Lucrezia Borgia by John Faunce – book cover, description, publication history.

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This book does a very good job at shedding light on who she actually was, the people who surrounded her, and the time in which she lived, in an enjoyable, light-read way. The use of the word fuck happens a lot in this novel and every time jarred me right out of the story. I cannot imagine the men who ordered the stake set borga fire really believed it would ever find anyone innocent.

He was Duke of Valentinois at his height and ojhn that Cardinal of Valencia hence his nickname of Valentino and as Valentino he conquered cities through whatever means necessary, ruled his cities justly, his soldiers loved him, his condottieri his captains betrayed him for ambition and he swiftly dealt with them through a beautiful deception and the garrote. In the Middle Ages and Renaissance, when all great men sworn to celibacy or not were expected to have at least several mistresses, there was no shortage of the children of popes.

Ugh, so glad I am finished. Alfonso loathed her brother and refused to participate in the Pope’s imperial schemes, which threatened to tear apart the Vatican’s political alliances–and Lucrezia’s happy marriage.


As historical fictionthe language seemed too modern and not fitting for the time period. Faunce gives Borgia the voice of a bitchy but self-possessed modern teenager “What was I thinking? But Italian women have always had a way of commanding behind the scenes, and Lucrezia grew into a mistress of that art. Paperbackpages.

In an era when the Vatican was as decadent and violent as any royal court, Lucrezia was its crown princess. Published March 23rd by Broadway Books first published I didn’t care for the long philosophical ruminations and I felt Lucrezia was too much of an enabler.

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Lucrezia Borgia by John Faunce

Maybe more contextualization and less of Lucrezia’s marriages. Cesare being power hungry developed a practical ideology of how Christianity became Rome’s established religion. All in all, a good portrait of one of the most fascinating historical figures.

This book is really poorly written. Her arranged marriage to Count Giovanni Sforza ends fauunce as Giovanni flees Rome for his life a victim of the pope’s ruthless political maneuvers just as her love for him begins to blossom. Mar 05, Cindy rated it liked it Shelves: Lucrezia Borgia by John Faunce.


Lucrezia herself is undeniably a woman ahead of her johm. There borgoa this little thing called execution that would happen to you if you were found guilty of sodomy. As far as historical accuracy goes, don’t expect any. Hard to believe such people ever existed — and harder still to believe that Lucrezia has borhia the rap for all the others for centuries.

In dedication to my quest to read all Borgia novels before I present my own, I went ahead and read this one anyway. Related Content Likely Stories: To view it, click here. Story about the daughter of a very corrupt pope Alexander VI. From the Hardcover edition. It didn’t feel like we were in the Renaissance at all. Not recommended for those who read their history and expect some historical accuracy in their historical fiction, other than getting names correct.


To ask other readers questions about Lucrezia Borgiaplease sign up. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Unfortunately, what we ended up with was a historical novel that wanted desperately to be contemporary. If you are deeply interested in expanding your knowledge about her and her times, it Might be worth slogging through.

Latin quotes written in third person singular are translated as third person plural or first person singular any first year Latin student would have vaunce thatHadrian’s lover was Antinoos, not Antininous, and the various notions of beauty where the author writes frequently about how thin and beautiful Lucrezia was when we are looking at the Renaissance.

With her virginity declared “miraculously” intact, Lucrezia is forced to marry again, this time to one of Italy’s richest heirs. Would not recommend it. Preview boegia Lucrezia Borgia by John Faunce. And my gosh, with a topic like Lucrezia Borgia, how can a book borggia boring? The main character isn’t very convincing, either as the “most evil woman ever” or “least evil, most misrepresented woman ever.